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BARNAUL – In 2007, the Christians of Barnaul established a tradition of interdenominational meetings in honor of the Day of National Unity. This year all three branches of Christianity were represented at such a meeting. An Orthodox archimandrite, a Catholic priest and Protestant pastors preached from the same pulpit.

VOLGOGRAD – On June 10 and 11, the Grace of Jesus Christ Church in Volgograd held a regional conference called “The Day of Your Victory”.

IZHEVSK – On May 12–14, the Philadelphia Church of Izhevsk celebrated its 30th anniversary. It was truly a great event for Udmurtia, for all these years thousands of lives were transformed, not only in Udmurtia, but all over Russia and even abroad.

NOVOALTAYSK – Our testimony is about how the Holy Spirit selects people for His ministry and builds His Church. There were four of us. Inspired and filled with the Holy Spirit, we went to outreaches. On each trip we saw how ripe the fruit was, and the four of us were not enough. We prayed to the Lord and asked for more laborers. We encouraged each other and those who were near us by sharing about God’s miracles. In a short while God brought evangelists to our team.

OMSK AREA – When we preached the Gospel in Lyvovka village of Kalachinski district of Omsk area, some of the residents were listening and accepting, others didn’t want to listen.

OMSK (RUSSIA) – We continue to witness about Christ, pray for people, plant the seeds of God’s Word. Some people open their heart for Christ, agree to reconcile with Him. God Himself leads us to people who desperately need Him.

Among our new friends in the village of Yasnaya Polyana is Andrei. He has cerebral palsy. We talked with him about sin, about the importance of repentance. Read chapter 14 of Gospel of John, then suggested to pray the sinners’ prayer and Andrei agreed. He was deeply touched by our conversation and our care for him, he invited us to join him at fishing. Andrei is happy at the opportunity to communicate, because he lives a lonely life. But now he rejoices he has God beside him.

Olga lives at the same village. We shared the Gospel with her, she prayed for forgiveness of her sins, reconciled with God. But her relationships with her husband are still bad. She has no peace and obedience to him. On Bible foundation we counseled her about the love and respect she needs to have to her husband. After the prayer we blessed her and her family, agreed to keep in touch, headed her to the church in Kalachinsk, where missionaries Takhir and Marina serve.

And we met Vassily and Larissa. They never heard about God, so we gladly shared the Good News, and our testimonies. They reconciled with God. Vassily and Larissa live very poorly, we suggested help.

God knows what and whom we should say, and each one of us carrying the fire of His love feels his value for the Kingdom of God. Please, support in prayer all those who we preached the Word of God to..

Ivan Pavlov
“Nehemiah” church team, Omsk

RAMENSKOE – More than 100 children and teens ministers from churches of all federal districts, 53 regions, 66 cities and towns of Russia spent five fruitful days in Ramenskoye, near Moscow. November 14-18, the 16th Congress of Coordinators of Children's and Teens’ Ministries of the RCCEF/Pentecostal Union was held there.

SAINT-PETERSBURG – EMPOWERED 2023 — the annual Youth Conference in the Northwest Federal District — took place on November 17–18 and was attended by 470 young people from St. Petersburg, Leningrad Oblast, Kaliningrad, Arkhangelsk, Sortavala, Pskov, Moscow, Perm, Cherepovets, Murmansk, and other Russian cities. It was organized by the Northwest Regional Association.

IZHEVSK – The conference will be held on November 17 and 18, 2023. It is organized by the Education Department of the Russian Church of Christians of Evangelical Faith/Pentecostals and the Moscow Theological Institute. Pastors, teachers and ministers are invited to attend.

In September 2017, Pastor of the Yoido Full Gospel Church, the world's largest congregation, with a claimed membership of 830,000, Dr. Young-Hoon Lee was interviewed by VIO.MEDIA during his trip to Russia, as honored guest speaker at the National Conference of the Russian Pentecostal Union (The Russian Church of Christians of Evangelical Faith).

Sergey is a man devoted to God, his life is full of joy and purpose. But it hasn’t always been like this. In his youth, Sergey used to be a rebel. He always resisted the social rules and tried to find some special purpose in life. When he was 16, he left his parents’ home. “That was the first mistake I’d made in life and as a result all I was left with were pain and loneliness,” says Sergey.

The Tkachenkos is a large family – loving parents Sergey and Nadezhda, three sons and a daughter. But it wasn’t always so.  In 1991, Sergey went to the US and soon the whole family decided to immigrate there but the plans as well as some other things were doomed to fail. Having left for America for a couple of months, Sergey stayed there for several years. Nadezhda and the children were waiting for him in Russia. So, the family split up in such a simple and stupid way.