Where there’s Gospel, there’s life

Our Teams

NOVOALTAYSK – Our testimony is about how the Holy Spirit selects people for His ministry and builds His Church. There were four of us. Inspired and filled with the Holy Spirit, we went to outreaches. On each trip we saw how ripe the fruit was, and the four of us were not enough. We prayed to the Lord and asked for more laborers. We encouraged each other and those who were near us by sharing about God’s miracles. In a short while God brought evangelists to our team.

In three months, our team grew to nine members, some people began to pray for our trips. But that’s not all: we used to have only one car before, now we have two. The Lord prepared a heart of one man to pay for gas. The Lord is good, and He provides for everything!

People on our team are different ages: 19 to 60 years old. We have different in terests, abilities, hobbies, but we’re united by the love to our Lord and compassion to this world. After every ministry we gather together as a team, drink tea and share our testimonies, we encourage each other, pray and thank God. Lives change, not only of those we minister to, but our own too.

For some of us evangelism helped to overcome fear, or hang-ups. It helped others to have more love for people. Evangelistic work gives more strength and helps to know God better. We see that after every trip life and joy come to our hearts. We strongly believe that where there’s Gospel, there’s life!

The work of God is not finished yet, new leaders rise in our team, who are ready to take the responsibility, to lead new ways and take the Gospel to the uttermost parts of earth. Isn’t that the glory of God that brings multiplication and growth not only to the team, but to the church as well?

Team of the Light of Revival Church,


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