Izhevsk will host the V Theological Conference “Christian Ethics: Theology and Experience”


IZHEVSK – The conference will be held on November 17 and 18, 2023. It is organized by the Education Department of the Russian Church of Christians of Evangelical Faith/Pentecostals and the Moscow Theological Institute. Pastors, teachers and ministers are invited to attend.

Bishop Pavel Zhelnovakov, head of the Education Department, emphasized in his invitation, “Realizing the significance and value of the issues raised for the life of the modern church, we want to have answers not only for ourselves, but also for the next generation”.

Conference Objectives
1. To address challenging issues of theology and worship practice;
2. To create a discussion forum on theological issues;
3. To raise the educational level of ministers.

Reports and speakers
“Ethics of the Modern Evangelical Church” — Dr. Sergey Yastrzhembsky, Doctor of Theology, religious scholar, professor at Moscow Theological Institute
“Ethical Problematics of Evangelical Churches in the Postmodern Era” — Aelita Zhidyaeva, Doctor of Theology, religious studies, Professor at MTI
“The ethics of priesthood outside the church walls” — Bishop Pavel Zhelnovakov, honorary doctor of MTI, religious scholar.

Round tables and moderators
“Ethical Issues in Church Discipline” — Pastor Roman Kucheruk, Master of Practical Theology
“The Universal Ethics of Jesus Christ in the Postmodern Era” — Egor Stepanischev, Master of Theology, Professor at MTI
“Ethical Aspects of Involving Parishioners in Church Services” — Pastor Igor Kuchin, Master of Theology
“Ethical Aspects in Christian Education” — Oksana Klimenko, Master of Practical Theology

Conference schedule
November 17 (Friday) 18:00–21:00
November 18 (Saturday) 9:00–18:00

The conference will be held in the Philadelphia Church of Izhevsk, 19, Truda St.

For registration it is necessary to fill in the questionnaire at the link: clck.ru/35sL6Q
For more information: +7-919-911-15-24, +7 (3412) 612-00

The Russian Church of Christians of Evangelical Faith/Pentecostals


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