Alexey: “Thank God for the privilege to serve Him!”

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My name is Alexey. I’m 43 years old. In the past I was an alcoholic. On November 5, 2013 through my ex-wife, I got to a rehabilitation center in the city of Staraya Kupavna. After completing the course, for four more months I went to a re-entry program in the same city. Then, four months I studied at a missionary training center in Dzerzhinsky of Moscow Region.

I thank God that He brought me to Staraya Kupavna for rehabilitation and for all people he sent my way. I thank God for the training center and all the teachers who have taught us. After I returned to the church in Staraya Kupavna. Now, being a One Year for Jesus team member I participate in evangelistic trips to towns and villages of the Moscow region. We distribute the Gospel to people, talk with them. Also, we stand at pharmacies and hand out flyers with information about rehabilitation program for drug addicts and alcoholics. As a former addict, I see them and start talking to them. I try to convince them to come to the rehabilitation center; I take their phone numbers and speak with them on the phone. And, of course, we pray for these poor people. We pray that people would read the Word of God and it would lead them to Christ. With brother Oleg on Saturdays we hand out invitations to people for Sunday service in our church. In the church I help at ushers’ ministry. I thank God for the privilege to serve Him!


Team of the New Testament Church,
Staraya Kupavna, Moscow Area

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