“Bring awakening and become its driving force” — was the main message of the Worship Conference in Perm

In Russia


PERM – Worship Conference in Perm that took place from March 13 to 15 was probably the last event before the coronavirus restrictions were imposed.

The conference brought together praise and worship leaders and ministers, musicians and church members from 30 cities of Russia. They came with one goal in mind — to come closer to God and receive the guidance of the Holy Spirit for life and ministry. It is no coincidence that the theme of the conference was based on a passage from the book of Joel (2:28–32): “And afterward, I will pour out my Spirit on all people. Your sons and daughters will prophesy.”  

The speakers of the conference were worship leaders from the United States (Tulsa, Oklahoma): musician Don Wiles, assistant pastor Cherissa Tucket, professor of theology Dr. Edwin Miranda.

The speakers helped conference participants take a fresh look at the role of worship ministry. They taught not only the qualities of effective leadership and team building, but also how to be led by the Holy Spirit and move in prophetic worship. 

The workshops dealt with practical issues of worship ministry. Don Wiles and Cherissa Tucket spoke about the fact that the quality of ministry is created through the fellowship of team members, their preparation for service, and effective rehearsals. Dr. Edwin Miranda focused on the ability to maintain musical dynamics and transitions between songs, demonstrating special exercises for diaphragm training. A special role in this conference was given to an open discussion, where guests answered questions of conference participants. 

The sermons of the speakers began with praise and worship and were united by one message — to bring awakening and become its driving force. Sunday services were filled with worship and prayer, conducted by conference speakers and pastors of the New Testament Church of Perm.

Conference participants shared that they experienced the special presence of the Holy Spirit and the touch of God.  

Anna Bursikova (Kostroma): “For all our praise team and for me personally, the trip to the conference was very important, because we have had many questions, which we tried to find answers to. And we received them at the conference, and I was able to confirm in my calling to serve God”.

Olga Vechtomova, St. Petersburg: “A praise and worship conference is a long-awaited time of many hours of praise and talking about worship. Listening to guests from America, I was delighted with their dedication and love for Jesus Christ. They have left their home country at such a difficult time, they have left their families and ministries behind to teach us how important it is to be at Jesus' feet. You would think carelessly that this is not the time for such tenderness and sentiment, not the time to sing for three days in a row. But it is the weapon that is not afraid of any trials, and that is what we need now as God's church”.

The New Testament Church, Perm

The Russian Church of Christians of Evangelical Faith


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