Charity Christmas performances were held in Perm

In Russia

PERM – On December 28, January 7 and 8, 4290 Perm residents became guests of the New Testament Church for Christmas celebration. They were presented with a play about the adventures of two children, who were sure that the main thing at Christmas was gifts. 

Having accidentally torn the Bible presented to them by their grandfather, they found themselves in a fictional country of I-land. Everyone there is convinced that nothing is more important than their own self. The motto of the new country is me, mine, my Christmas. The joy of being able to get everything for Christmas quickly turns into disappointment. Children are in danger. Only the name of Jesus can break the walls of selfishness.

As a result of all adventures, the heroes realize that the Birthday boy is more important than all decorations and gifts. And that Christmas is the birthday of the Savior Jesus Christ. As with any birthday, there were sweet treats. They were given to 2,150 young spectators.

“It was a superb performance. It was very interesting to watch!” — Katya (11 years old).

“Thank you very much! The play is so unusual and relevant. Very bright costumes. Every year it gets better and better”, — Elena Krotova, head of the society of disabled people of Motovilikha district of Perm. 

New Testament Church, Perm

The Russian Church of Christians of Evangelical Faith

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