The Source of Life Church of Syktyvkar celebrated its 25th anniversary in a new building

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SYKTYVKAR – It has been six years, since 2013, when the church purchased a piece of land and a building in ruins on it and immediately began to build a new temple. The church was able to hold its first service in the building under construction, in 2019 to celebrate its 24th anniversary, but the hall had not yet been prepared for high-quality acoustics. Construction was completed in 2020. 

On August 22 and 23, the church held anniversary of the festive services took place in Syktyvkar dedicated to the 25th anniversary of the Source of Life Church. Head Bishop Edward Grabovenko and Bishop Pavel Kudrov were the speakers at the conference.

Also, pastors of the Source of Life Churches of the Komi Republic Anatoly Potapov and Grant Burnadze, and Bishop Vyacheslav Gerasimov shared the word.

The first service was held on August 22. A performance of creative teams opened the service: a dance with flags from the dance ministry of the Syktyvkar church, Elena Butarina, pastor’s wife from one of the churches sang a praise song in Komi language, Good Samaritans worship group sang a folk song.

After the performances, Bishops Alexey Rudenky and Alexander Tsvetkov, pastors of the Source of Life Churches of the Komi Republic and children's ministry of the church congratulated the Syktyvkar church on its anniversary.

Bishop Pavel Kudrov preached at the first service. The speaker urged the believers not to be shy about their faith and share with others the message that Jesus Christ saves today, that He can give a new life full of joy and meaning. “If you see a sad man, do not be afraid, go and tell him that God can heal his heart from depression,” — advised the minister.

Vyacheslav Gerasimov shared his welcome speech. The pastor said that God has a wonderful plan for everyone, but we need to worship Him in spirit and truth.

The second festive service began on August 23 with a video of the construction of a new temple of the Syktyvkar church. After the video, the church was greeted on its birthday by Bishop Nicholas Zalutsky and Senior Pastor of the City Missions Church in Singapore Wee Tiong Howe.

During the service, Head Bishop Edward Grabovenko preached about the giants of faith. The speaker said that the weakest moment in a Christian’s life is when he is the closest to victory. “In your life there should be those who will fight for you and for your victory with prayers, when you yourself are no longer able to fight, — said the minister. — Do not give up, let the brokenness come before God”.

Both festive services were held in the new temple. The parishioners together rejoiced, sang songs of praise and worship, prayed and celebrated the anniversary of the church.

In conclusion, bishops and pastors consecrated the new temple of the Source of Life Church of Syktyvkar. Starting this day we will hold church services in a new building at 124/4, Zavodskaya Street, in Syktyvkar.

The press center of the Source of Life Church, Syktyvkar

The Russian Church of Christians of Evangelical Faith

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