The Russian Church of Christians of Evangelical Faith has started 21 day fast

In Russia

The fast started on January 13 and will conclude on February 2. Head Bishop Edward Grabovenko encouraged Christians to start the year 2020 with fast and prayer to worship the Lord, to see His glory in personal lives, homes, churches, cities, and in the nation.

The fast of Daniel in the beginning of each year became a special blessing for the Pentecostal Union of Russia, it is an opportunity to unite in humility before God.

During the fast of Daniel some people will fast on water alone, others will be only partially fasting, refraining from meat or some other food. For some it will be a great accomplishment as they give up using the Internet or watch TV for 21 days. Instead, they dedicate this time to prayer and reading of God's Word.

Every evening believers gather in their local churches, Bible study groups or with friends at homes. Russian Christians especially will be praying for brothers and sisters of the persecuted church around the world. 

Churches will pray for spiritual awakening in the land, God's protection, guidance and care in all circumstances. “We believe that prayers, especially corporate, avail much. We value the blood that was shed on the Calvary Cross for all of us, that we as people, who trust in the Lord, would do His will on this earth,” said Bishop Edward Grabovenko. 

«And whatever you ask in prayer, believing, ye shall receive» (Matt. 21:22)

The Russian Church of Christians of Evangelical Faith

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