“Born to Reign” is about you and me: Regional Women's Conference was held in Barnaul


BARNAUL – The Light of Awakening Church of Barnaul held its second women's conference this year. Its slogan: BORN TO REIGN. The church in Barnaul gladly accepted 250 participants of different ages from cities of Altay region: Biysk, Belokurikha, Kamen-na-Obi, Mezhdurechensk, Mamontovo, Pavlovsk, Zarinsk, Troitsk, Rubtsovsk and others.

The conference opened with a night of praise and worship, diving into His presence in order to hear clearly the voice of the Holy Spirit. During two days speakers talked about God’ Kingdom and what it means to be a daughter of the King.

Ministers Larissa Grabovenko, Valentina Aleksandrova, Galina Inkina shared their messages.

The main thoughts were as follows:
- Each of us has royal status, but it does not allow us to disregard the rules of the kingdom of God. Your actions, desires, and prayer must be within the kingdom.
- The glory of the King's daughter is within her!
- Before finding favor, there was a price to pay!
- Live as if Christ died yesterday, rose again today, and will come tomorrow.
- Nothing happens without God. He intersedes for us!

There were also workshops.
“We haven't forgotten about you” (for unmarried older women) — Natalia Semykina (Light of Awakening Church, Barnaul)
“How not to make a mistake when choosing a spouse” — Elena Shcherbinina (New Life Church, Gorno-Altaisk)
“Social ministry. Ministry to co-dependent people” — Julia Skandakova (Rema Church, Barnaul).

The participants of the conference shared their impressions. Some heard for the first time about their value and status in Christ and some received a different perspective on such important aspects as faith, grace, blessed mind, royal priesthood and miracles. Here is what some of them had to say.

Tatiana Akimova: “The royal priesthood is a status, but the kingdom has its own rules. For two days at the Born to Reign Women's Conference, we were taught these rules. Don't take off your royal robe when with your family, at your work or ministry. That's how you'll be recognized everywhere! Don't lose your royal status — that's a very strong message. Thank God for this wonderful conference”.

Natalia Semyonova: “Thank God for this wonderful time! We had a unique opportunity to communicate with Him and with each other! Thank God for the organizers and ministers who responded to His call, and we received an abundant supply of God's Word. Thank you for the atmosphere of His clear presence, answers, encouragement and comfort!”

Elizabeth Zolt: “The conference was very cool. I was not supposed to be at it, but God provided and I was there. I loved the gift idea — given to 250 people — so generous! You have a big heart!
Very cool testimonies of God's incredible and all-encompassing power. Amazing miracles that reminded us what an amazing God we believe in. Everyone worked very hard and put their heart and it was evident. The decor, helpers, meals, and everything around was beautiful. I could see us enjoying ourselves and the attendants working hard for us. Thank you so much! It was great what was said about how hard the ministry of pastors' wives was and how much they do for us.”

The church thanked the team of organizers, conference speakers, attendees, and all those who helped make this conference happen!

A photo album of the conference on the church's VK page: https://vk.com/svetprochurch

Sermons that were preached at the conference can be viewed on the youtube channel ‘Light of Awakening’.

The Light of Awakening Church of Barnaul
The Russian Church of Christians of Evangelical Faith

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