Prison Ministry in Trans-Baikal region


NERCHINSK (RUSSIA) - In the end of April, prison ministers of evangelical churches of Trans-Baikal region visited prisons in Nerchinsk. Pastors of ‘Faith, Hope, Love’ Church Pavel and Maria Permyakov had a meeting with women in one of the prisons. Pastor of Blessing Church Nickolay Nizhegorodtsev, missionaries Roman Gura and Svetlana Kolobova went to men’s prison.

Maria Permyakova shared that there were about 80 women at the meeting. They waited for ministers, as they needed prayer support and words of wisdom from the Holy Scripture. When addressing to women pastors Pavel and Maria said that the Lord heard their prayers, they can go straight to Heaven and nothing can keep them from the Father. Some women were crying, others were listening to the message of the Gospel and didn’t say much. But the ministers know that even though these women don’t say a lot, they are thankful to know the Lord and lift their prayers to Him. They always come to the meetings and pray for their families and children. And the ministers see how they are being changed inside.

Pastor Nickolay with his team ministered to men. They were speaking about the power of forgiveness. Svetlana, who had been a Christian for 10 years shared her testimony about forgiveness. Even being a Christian she couldn’t forgive her mother. And only recently the Lord melted her heart and she did it. Missionary Roman preached the message and after the altar call and prayer ministers answered questions.

Some men had prayer requests and shared that the Lord answered their prayers. Ministers prayed for one man and the Lord delivered him from smoking addiction.

The Russian Church of Christians of Evangelical Faith

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