Angel’s Christmas Tree Project in Perm


This Charity project has been organized to help children whose mothers are in places of imprisonment. All the way till January 7th, when Orthodox Christmas is celebrated in Russia, volunteers will form gifts and deliver them to kids with Christmas greetings from their mothers.

«The purpose of this project, – shared Leonid Novikov, prison chaplain of the New Testament Church in Perm, – is to help mothers who are in prisons, to send Christmas gifts to their children, who they didn’t see for some time, and to make a festive event for children.

Many kids are deprived of mothers care, and some have not seen their mothers for a long time. Some children don’t even know where their mothers are, they are not being told. Many women prisoners have given up on their maternity.

Earlier this year we went to a women’s prison in Kungur in Perm region and presented the Angel’s Christmas Tree Project. One young woman came up to me in tears, saying, «If only I could change anything…». I could feel the devastation in her voice. Everything could be changed, if a person turns to God.»

This action gives opportunity to restore lost family relations. As a result of a survey, held earlier in three women’s prisons of Perm region, organizers received a list of 400 children’s names. These children will receive help in accordance with their needs. Volunteers made telephone calls to caregivers of all 400 kids and found out what their needs were. They found out the names and ages of kids. So, the gifts will contain things appropriate for their age. More importantly, Children’s Bibles will be included in each gift box and Christmas cards signed by mothers, which will make gifts special.

– Christmas and New Year’s eve is the time when we all are trying to create festive mood, prepare gifts for our loved ones. But I would like to remind everyone that there are so many children in this world who don’t get mothers’ love and care, who don’t get Christmas gifts, prepared with love, – added Leonid Novikov.
The Angel’s Christmas Tree Project is being held in Perm region since 2008. Along with the Federal Penal Service the project was organized and held in three women’s prisons of the Perm region: #32 in Perm, #18 in Kungur, #28 in Berezniki. Since 2003, the project touched 40,000 children all across Russia.

The Russian Church of Christians of Evangelical Faith


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