Rehabilitation Ministry Conference was held in Novosibirsk


NOVOSIBIRSK (RUSSIA) - Novosibirsk is a city in western part of Siberia. It was here that 80 representatives of rehabilitation programs from Siberian cities gathered in the beginning of June. 
In unity and joy they worshiped God and learned from the word of God. Pastors Sergey Potapov from Barnaul, Vitaly Maksimyuk from Novosibirsk, Alexey Ivshin from Izhevsk and Mikhail Koshevarov from Barnaul spoke at the conference and prayed for pastors and leaders. Also, lawyers of the Slavic Law center from Moscow held seminars, which were very useful and practical for the leaders.

A special event took place at the Conference – first graduates of the Teen Challenge Leadership Institute received their certificates. These people diligently studied for three years and deserved their diplomas.

It was decided to hold the conference for rehabilitation ministry of the eastern part of Russia in Novosibirsk every year. In 2015 it will take place on June 4-6.

Participants of the Conference share their impressions and opinions about the event:

“I received a word from the Lord! And I met my friends with whom I went to Bible school in Angarsk.” Gennady Tyutin, Omsk.

“I liked that there was a strong word about friendship that encouraged me to be friendly to those I minister. Also, seminars helped us to learn more about the Russian Federation laws.” Andrey Starodumov.

“God is so great! I can’t understand His ways. They are unexpected at times. I prayed for many years to meet with people that I knew as a young Christian, and I met them here. It’s hard to express in words the feeling of gratitude to God for His presence at this Conference. These days cannot be compared with anything. Every minute I felt that He was near. The worship time was awesome! In my life I had only a few happy moments like these. Perhaps, I have never had so much of God’s presence in my life. Now, I know exactly what God wants me to do and I want to follow Him and go His way.” Vladimir Pyatkin, Novokuznetsk.

“Praise God for open hearts and hospitality. It was great! I felt so good at the Conference. Thank you for wonderful service. Mighty worship, when the Lord touched and healed hearts.” Dmitry Bondarev, Chita.

“We had a great time of fellowship and were able to exchange our experiences. I was encouraged by the word ‘rhema’ that I received from men of God who ministered at the Conference. It was inspiring that God was speaking right to my heart. I received a vision to move forward our rehabilitation program.” Sergey Mitrophanenko, Omsk.


The Russian Church of Christians of Evangelical Faith

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