‘Reaching the Maximum’ regional conference for men was held in Syktyvkar


SYKTYVKAR – On February 22-23, the annual regional conference for men “Reaching the Maximum” was held in Syktyvkar at the Source of Life Church.

Bishop Pavel Kudrov and Pastor Andrey Berdyshev of Obninsk Christian Church were the speakers for the 2021 conference.

The conference was attended by parishioners of the Source of Life Churches of the Komi Republic. During the two days of the conference four worship services with praise and sermons were held. The speakers preached about the fear of God, faith, temptations, courage, faithfulness.

The main theme of the conference was a verse from the book of Revelation: “Behold, I am coming quickly; hold fast what you have, lest anyone should take your crown” (Revelation, chapter 3, verse 11).

Bishop Pavel Kudrov encouraged men to walk the path of the “fireproof man”: boldly, in the fear of God, and faithfully. “Let us, brethren, pray today that the Lord will change us and His holy fire will burn away all that hinders Him from doing the Good Work, — the speaker specified, — And may our faith be strong, real and purified.”

Pastor Andrey Berdyshev spoke about not letting men become too complacent or weaken in their walk with the Lord. “The Bible is filled with stories that testify of a dramatic personality transformation after an encounter with God. It is important to watch ourselves so that we don't repeat the mistake of Asa, who stopped trusting in the Lord,” — the speaker underlined in his sermon.

The men's conference featured a talk show. “What does it mean to be a good father?”, “What should a believing man leave behind?”, “What example of a man inspires you?”, “What does is practically mean for a believing man to be a priest in the family?” — These and other questions were discussed at the talk show with the speakers.


The Source of Life Church of Syktyvkar

The Russian Church of Christians of Evangelical Faith (Pentecostals)

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