"Philadelphia" church of Votkinsk organized a summer playground for children

From the field

On July 22 - August 2 the "Philadelphia" church children's ministry organized children's playground  in the town of Votkinsk. Children, ages 6 to 11, from the parishioners’ families attended the playground. The goal was to introduce children to the ministries of the church. It was a good time for fun games outside, for a variety of creative activities and also for discovering many truths of the Bible.

Pastor Alexander Piskunov together with children's ministers organized interesting and exciting Bible lessons. They taught children spiritual truths about life in Church's life and showed how it can be applied in everyday life. Pastor Alexander was not just a mentor and teacher for the children or a man who would always come to help, but also a person who was ready to play fun games and share hobbies with the kids.

The participants loved the master classes which were held by Nina Yambartseva. The girls and boys enjoyed handcraft. Now each household has hand-made key rings, bracelets, pendants, greeting cards and even self-decorated candles. Elder kids were in charge of leisure time. They held games and activities, dancing and singing, not allowing anyone to get bored.

God has given good weather, lots of sunshine, kept each child and healed physically and spiritually. Each received a big schedule with the pictures of their friends and the most exciting moments from the playground. Most importantly that children took in their hearts a stronger faith, renewed hope and God’s love that is able to forgive, is not self-seeking and rejoice the truth.

Russian Church of Christians of Evangelical Faith, based on article form the "Philadelphia" church


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