Men of the Bread of Life Church in Omsk talked about being role models. What will they do about it?

From the field

On October 5, a special event for men took place in Bread of Life Church of Omsk, Siberia. Men were talking about themselves being role models for their families. Who is responsible for spiritual growth of wives and children? Why don’t men take time to be with their families? The answer could be easy – men have to work a lot and they don’t have time.

This time men of the Bread of Life Church decided to take time and honestly look at their problems. There was no preaching or teaching. Informal conversation was serious and earnest.

Brothers referred to the Bible about the meaning of being priests in their own families, shared their testimonies and stories. A significant part of the conversation was devoted to discussing positive role models in our own lives; not many could say their fathers became those role models for them. And yet, when our children look at us, what do they see? What kind of impact we make on them? The main thing is that we meet all God’s requirements to fathers.

The conversation helped us to look at ourselves and think what we can do to be better fathers and husbands. We prayed together and decided to regularly meet to be accountable to each other. While we are in the process of becoming men after God’s heart, we need each other to lean on and to be prayed for.

Ilia Sabirov
Bread of Life Church, Omsk, Siberia

The Russian Church of Christians of Evangelical Faith


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