The Royal Rangers’ retreat was held by ministers of the West Siberian Association


GORNY ALTAI – For seven days, July 18 to 24, 120 children with their commanders went to a retreat in the picturesque place of the Altai Mountains — the Karakol Lakes.

The theme of the trip was “Ready for Transformation”. Each day of the trip was thematic.
Day 1: I am created in the image of Christ.
2 day: Faith
Day 3: Faithfulness
Day 4: A Faithful Servant
Day 5: Together

There were many prayers, songs, games, and lessons learned on the camping trip in overcoming difficulties. Commanders, kids and their parents shared impressions of the worship services, river rafting, and horseback riding.

Makar, 11 years old: “I met new friends and saw sincere guys who worshiped God and loved God. They prayed on their knees, and one boy cried.”

Zhenya, 12 years old: “My impressions are great. I especially liked riding on horseback and rafting on the lakes.”

Timothy, 12 years old: “I was impressed that when I prayed for the rain to stop, it quickly stopped. I find myself repeating, 'as the commander says, you have to share with your neighbors'”.

Natalia, minister: “As time goes by, I realize what a great job God has done in the hearts of children and ministers.”

The Russian Church of Christians of Evangelical Faith/Pentecostals

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