Maria Artamonova, member of the One Year for Jesus team: My heart is on fire for God

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What is your role on the team?

I am responsible for reporting.

What are some of the results of your work on a team?

I have learned communication skills and have become more confident as I share Christ with people.

What changes do you see in churches that participate in the project?

I think our team is a good example to people in other churches. They get excited about preaching the Gospel. They see that we are a part of a big project that involves many churches across Russia and they want to be a part of it as well. I would say churches become more motivated to do evangelism and many of them begin to do outreaches.

What about non-Christians? What is their attitude towards your work?


I think most people understand that we bring good Christian values. Many of them never read the Bible and did not hear about Christ, but they want to. Such people want to get saved and attend Bible study groups. Also there are those who do not want to listen to us. But they are not so many. In general people are very friendly to us and our work.

Please share some stories of changed lives.

Two young men came to our Sunday service at the church and got saved. They said that they were at an evangelistic meeting that we held in the city and received Christian literature. These young men told us that they were looking for people who believe in Jesus, because they wanted to change their lifestyle.

What God is doing in your life through this ministry?

I think I grew in my faith while doing this ministry. My heart is on fire for God. I want to serve Him. And also God showed me, what I should do in the future.

You meet different people on your trips. Can you tell us about any of them?

I recall meeting a young man at a TB hospital. Talking to him, I realized that he didn’t have any hope left, because of his illness. But when he heard my testimony and a testimony of another team member, I saw the light of hope in his eyes. He agreed to pray, he said that he wanted God to come into his heart and change him. We prayed with him.

Do you remember any interesting or funny stories?

One time we were going to one of the towns on the Baikal-Amur railroad. We were on a special train for workers. Our brother Anatoliy got up and said very loudly to all people, “God loves you”, and began to give out brochures ‘Choose Life’. People were smiling and gladly taking the brochures.

What are your requests, prayer needs?

Our team needs a good vehicle, because there are many remote places in our region and they are hard to access. And also I want to say ‘Thank you’ to all who participate in this ministry by praying and giving.

The team of Grace in Christ Church, Bratsk

The Russian Church of Christians of Evangelical Faith

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