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The city of Kudymkar is not a large city (about 30,000 citizens) in the north of Perm region, the center of the Komi-Perm Autonomous District. New Testament Church was planted there by the team from Pastor Edward Grabovenko’s church almost nineteen years ago. From the very beginning the church preached the Gospel in Kudymkar and the neighboring towns. The result of this work is 40 daughter churches in Komi-Perm region.

In October 2011, New Testament Church of Kudymkar joined the One Year for Jesus Project. It is one of the most experienced teams.

According to Vyacheslav Gerasimov, pastor of New Testament Church of Kudymkar, the One Year for Jesus Project has affected many destinies in places where the Gospel has never been preached before. Through this work, new fields have been ploughed and seeds of the Gospel have been sown, so that one day God will gather a great harvest of saved souls! «You who call on the Lord, give yourselves no rest» (Isaiah 62:6).

Team Members Speaking

Tamara Vedernikova: «Jesus changed my life and He can do it for anyone who wants a change. When we come to villages, we go to every home and witness about Jesus. When people listen to my words, I begin to understand that my personal testimony is very important».

Looking at this woman with a friendly smile, it's hard to believe that before Tamara came to God, her life, in her own words, was destroyed: she was a drunkard and a bum. She did not want her children – a son and a daughter – to repeat her fate. But Tamara did not know how to get rid of her alcohol dependency. When her daughter Anastasia was 12, she received a Scripture book (called the Book of Hope) at her school and she got saved. Anastasia began to attend New Testament Church and almost every day told her mother about Jesus. One day Tamara decided to come to church. God touched her at once, and since then every Sunday she wanted to go to church. God delivered her from drinking addiction. For 12 years now, Tamara has been serving the Lord, she is involved in prayer ministry and sings in a choir. During these years the Lord blessed her and the children. They serve God, and she is very grateful to Him for all the good things He has done in her life.

Eugene Timirbaev: «I see that people need God, because many live in poverty, some homes do not even have furniture, there are many unemployed people. In desperation people become alcoholics, lose families, homes, and live in barns. I believe only the living Word of God can transform their lives».

In addition to traveling with the team, Eugene started to serve youth at the town of Yusva. After outreaches and Scripture books distributions that the team did in that town, there are more than 40 young people who come to youth meetings. They are eager to study the Bible and grow in faith.

Tatiana Sedegova: «One day Jesus came into my life, which was full of problems, and changed it, and I believe that He will change the lives of many people in Komi-Perm district».
Like others, Tatyana responded to the call at a missionary conference in Perm in October, 2011.

Valentina Otinova: «The life of people in our villages and towns is shockingly poor and hopeless. Sometimes I get frustrated, but I understand that God's love can change everything. When I tell people about God, my heart is filled with joy, because they find hope in the Lord».

Vera Klimova: «Before I became a team member, I was wondering what people knew about God. And when we went from village to village, I saw that people live in complete ignorance, and that they desperately need a Savior, Jesus Christ. Only He can change their lives and give them hope for the future. So I decided to join the team and bring the Good News to people».

Anna Tsybina: «I want to serve God and bring the Word of God to people of our region. I once prayed to God to save and protect me, and He answered my prayer. He is my only hope and I want to share Jesus with everyone».

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