The Happiness of Being a Woman. A regional women's conference was held in Barnaul


BARNAUL – A regional women's conference “The Happiness of Being a Woman” was held in Barnaul, at the Light of Awakening Church, on March 19 and 20. Women from several churches of Barnaul, Belokurikha, Biysk, Rubtsovsk, Mamontovo, Kamnya-on-Obi, Pavlovsk took part in it. Sisters from Israel, America, Kazakhstan, and Uzbekistan joined the ministry via livestream. 

Galina Inkina and Natalia Semykina from Barnaul and Valeria Tsvetkova from St.Petersburg ministered to women.

Valeria Tsvetkova's sermon set the tone for the entire conference. She preached about the purpose of a woman: “that it would be good to be around her”. When God created a helper for a man, He created “the one who would lead the battle”. ‘God will always be on your side when you fulfill His function”, Valeria emphasized.

The conference opened with an evening of praise and worship. Women worshipped the Lord in unity, and Pastor Galina Inkina gave a word that helped to prepare hearts: “The joy in the Lord is a commandment that cannot be neglected. Because “joy before the Lord is my strength”. If you practice this for at least one month, your life will change”.

Two workshops were held during the conference. At one of them Galina Inkina addressed to ministers. She talked about burnout: what it is, why it can happen and how to fight it.

The second workshop was for young people. It was conducted by Natalia Semykina. She talked about what can stand in the way of coming to God and fulfilling your calling.

The conference ended with prayer for the healing of hearts.

We heard the speakers' impressions of the conference.

Valeria Tsvetkova: “I know that the word was for you. For me this conference is fantastic. I can see what God is doing and it inspires me very much”.

Natalia Semykina: “God's desire is for Christ to be reflected in every heart. And I thank God that we had this time to come together. He desires that through communion the blood of Christ will wash us from all sin. I believe we will walk away from this conference different”.

Pastor Galina Inkina: “I didn't expect anything, I just knew that this time is here and now. My wish is for you to be happy from this moment on”.

We also talked to the participants of the conference and this is what they said.

Elena Marheleva: “When I think about this conference, I have a picture in my mind. When a seed planted in the ground germinates, a green sprout sprouts and gains strength, leaves appear and a beautiful flower blooms. God has sown and nurtured His vision in the hearts of girls. And one would like to say, “Blossom for the Lord!”

Natalia Perelyakina: “I went to the conference with anticipation and a question for God. He began to answer before the conference, but at the first service, when Valeria Tsvetkova shared her message, the answer was obvious for me”. 

Elena Anisimova: “The Holy Spirit worked with every heart. There was a very deep word that brought healing, refreshment, liberation. Thank you to all the speakers for the wonderful ministry, which was in the love of each person. It is so important that the seed sown into hearts bear fruit. And every woman rose in her uniqueness, integrity and strength in the Lord and bore much fruit in Jesus' name”.

Tatyana Guseva: “I thank the Lord and the entire team of conference organizers. I received a word of encouragement for my life. That I am a Woman with a capital letter and that I have a mission on this earth. I am made to be very good around, which is a big task. With a great desire in my heart, I made a decision to continue to work even harder on myself to bring the light and beauty of God into this world. Because I am a reflection of Jesus on this earth”.

Elena Mashutina: “Wonderful conference, full of revelations. Especially I received the revelation about woman's destiny to be good everywhere I come. I am also called to lead the battle and win! And when God delivers from discontent and criticism, it is quite good. Conferences like this are a step to the image of Christ. And I am happy...”.

You can watch the sermons of the conference on the YouTube channel of the Light of Awakening Church.


Press center of the Light of Awakening Church, Barnaul

The Russian Church of Christians of Evangelical Faith

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