Women’s prayer meeting took place at Omsk Harvest Church


OMSK – Regional women’s prayer meeting “Prayers that were heard” took place on the eve of the 8th of March International Women’s Day celebration. Women from different churches of Omsk gathered to praise the name of the Lord, to stand before Him with their hearts open, to worship Him and bring their intercessory prayers to the throne of grace.

The service began with worshiping and thanking the Lord for His glory, love and care which manifest every day, every hour and every minute of our life.

After that ministers came forward to the altar to testify about the miracles of God, to share about the biblical concept of a woman’s role in a family and in a church, shared their experience of learning the will of God for a woman as a spiritual warrior.

Sisters in Christ prayed in unity about firmness in faith, for His help in being faithful warriors of Christ as the power of a praying woman is great indeed! To illustrate the point a picture was taken of a woman praying down on her knees, but her reflection in a mirror had full armor, helmet and a sword on. That is a prototype of a woman who in spiritual world keeps fighting for her family, fights for their salvation. It is a woman who is her husband’s helper, who is a loving and caring mother, a humble daughter of God, who needs to stand in the gap for her family, and cannot give up but needs to trust in the Lord with all her heart.

Besides, women lifted up prayers for close relationships with God, for being filled with the Holy Spirit, blessed their families, prayed for children and for each other needs.

Women’s prayer ministry exists to worship God, to pray for strengthening in faith and power of the Holy Spirit.

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The Russian Church of Christians of Evangelical Faith


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