Women’s Conference in Volgograd


VOLGOGRAD (RUSSIA) – A women’s conference took place on November 23 and 24 at the “Grace of Jesus Christ” church of Volgograd. The key verse of the conference was Proverbs 31:25 “Strength and dignity are her clothing, and she smiles at the future”. Sisters from churches of Astrakhan, Volgograd, Penza and Rostov areas took part in the conference.

Festive atmosphere and family setting was most memorable to those present. Youth and teenage worship teams and the “New Life” biblical center worship team ministered to the women. Bishops’ wives Galina Rudenkaya and Galina Inkina shared their vast ministry experience and a word about a woman’s foreordination and about how to “smile at the future” in spite of all life challenges. The inspiring sermons, confirmed by multiple examples and personal testimonies. Many different topics were covered, many questions about serving God, bringing up children, relationships with husbands and family budget were answered. In conclusion participants shared their impressions and revelations, received during the conference. “I really liked the conference. Thanks so much to those who organized it and ministered to us. Looking at the example of Bishop Alexei and Galina Rudenki, I saw the unconditional love. God reminded me once again that whatever work I’m doing for Him (big or small), He appreciates it. I really liked the testimonies Galina Inkina shared, they gave me hope and faith. I absolutely agree with her that God does not give us illnesses and curses. On the contrary, He desires to heal us and set us free, because He loves us so much... I was happy to see and fellowship with the sisters, this is so valuable...Praise God!” —Lyudmila Levonyan (Akhtyubinsk)

“I’d like to express my gratitude to all those who participated in organizing the conference. The Holy Spirit has opened to me some simple truths, that I’ve known for a long time, from the other side. Through the word Galina Bogdanovna was sharing God reminded me about His love. Through her life testimonies I’ve strengthened in my faith to the Lord Jesus Christ. I thank God for pastor Galina Leonidovna. The testimonies of her life inspired me for even more zealous and faithful ministry to my husband, my children and God! God taught me to SMILE at the future. It’s hard to express in words what I’m feeling right now. God has changed my mind. As if my heart was “reloaded” and everything straightened out. I rejoice and thank God for my family, for His grace and mercy! —Yulia Pan (Volgograd)

“Grace of Jesus Christ” church media-ministry (Volgograd)

The Russian Church of Christians of Evangelical Faith

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