The Source of Life Church in Syktyvkar held a regional men’s conference “Reaching the maximum”


SYKTYVKAR – On February 21 and 22, the Source of Life Church of Syktyvkar held an annual regional conference for men “Reaching the maximum”. Bishops of the Russian Church Pavel Kudrov, Pavel Khuda and Alexander Kalinin became speakers of the conference–2020.

The conference was attended by parishioners of the Source of Life churches of the Komi Republic and other churches. The conference gathered 155 participants from cities of Syktyvkar, Vorkuta, Ukhta, Sosnogorsk, Usinsk, Kojgorodok, Emva, and Pechora.

During the two days of the conference there were five services with praise and worship and preaching. The speakers preached about faith, temptations, doubts, God's promises and God's voice.

Bishop Pavell Kudrov inspired men to go all the way to the end. For there are many believers who quitted when faced temptations.

“Temptation is a test, the essence of which is the temptation by the forbidden. When we go through a trial, we need to understand that God allows certain events to happen so we can become stronger, — the speaker clarified. — The purpose of temptation is to try to take you out of God's protection, into the territory where Satan lives. But He who is in us is greater than He who is in this world”.

Bishop Alexander Kalinin is confident that there are questions to which we seek answers from the outside, but only God gives the answers, hidden within us. “Many things are temporary in our lives. They come and go without leaving a trace, but God's voice leaves a deep trace inside. And it is important to know that happiness is not about achieving goals, but about knowing what God has called us to do. Knowing it, a person is sincerely happy”, — said Alexander in his sermon.

Bishop Pavel Huda shared about goals and difficulties in achieving them. The speaker specified that if God had put the goal into someone’s heart, he would give wisdom, patience and strength to achieve the goal.

At the men's conference, a talk show was held for the first time, where the speakers were asked questions, which had been gathered in a social network VKontakte in advance. Almost all men's questions were about marriage and the relationship with spouses: “What does it mean to be the head of the family?”, “What is the role of a man in society and family?”, “How do you treat a disobedient wife?”, “How to recognize God's voice and not to confuse Him with your own” — These and other questions were discussed on a talk show.

Traditionally, at the men's conferences there are power games: tug-of-war, lifting weights and rods. This year contests were added with those for intelligence, strength and entertainment, one of them being table soccer.

Vitaliy K.: “The conference was very pleasant, there was an inspiring atmosphere, sermons of speakers, fellowship and entertaining competitions. Especially the game of soccer. The conference inspired and charged with energy for the year.”

Igor F.: “I thank the church for its warm welcome. Pastors — for the organization and strong preaching of the Word of God.”

Eugene T.: “Everyone needs such a conference. It is necessary for strengthening, for the victory over temptations.”

Vasily N.: “I would like first of all to express gratitude to the church for its hospitality. I am very glad that I was able to be here! Thank you to all the ministers for their contribution to the conference!”

Watch the conference sermons on the church channel:

Press Center of the Source of Life Church (Syktyvkar)

The Russian Church of Christians of Evangelical Faith

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