Honest and fair talk at the Men’s Conference in Khabarovsk


KHABAROVSK – On November 1 and 2, in Khabarovsk at Grace church an annual men conference “Bravery” took place. Men from evangelical churches of Khabarovsk and Primorskiy regions and the Sakhalin island came to the conference. 

The conference was organized by @CMNRUSSIA men’s movement, their motto is “To be a real man is to be Christ-like”. The founder of the movement is Edwin Louis Cole, author of “Maximized manhood”, “Irresistible husband” bestsellers. The movement is called to serve men, to set standards of manhood shown in the Bible. 

The key speaker of the conference was President of the Moscow Theological Institute, pastor of Moscow Risen Christ Church Sergei Yastrzhembski. He preached about the role and the mission of men in family and society, about fatherhood and the power of God’s grace. 

After each session group discussions took place. The participants shared their experiences of implementing principles the preacher talked about, and shared about the decisions they made.

Part of the program was a talk show including presentations of ministries that men can be part of: ministry to orphans, to teenagers and children, hiking and rafting trips and others.

“Honest fair talk, vital topics, bright testimonies, live men’s worship and heartfelt prayers, word of advice, atmosphere of freedom and brotherhood, warm fellowship around the meal — all that I experienced at the men’s conference”, — says the speaker, Sergei Yastrzhembski.

The Russian Church of Christians of Evangelical Faith

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