Preaching the Gospel in words and deeds


KALUGA (RUSSIA) – Our team evangelized in Peremyshlski district of Kaluga area. We have made friends whose hearts are open to God and they are searching for Him.

In Polyana village, not far from Peremyshl, we have a friend – a lady named Svetlana Ivanovna (she is on the left n the photo). She knows a lot about hardships and losses: her son is a constant source of her worries. He is an alcoholic and a drug-addict. We told her about Jesus and invited her to a prayer group.

And soon we heard from one of our sisters in Christ from that village who said that Svetlana Ivanovna needed help about the house. We made arrangements and went to the village to help her out. From early morning we did everything she told us to. At the same time we were talking to her about Jesus Christ and how He helped people. We finished all work planned for that day and in the evening we invited her to come to a home Bible study.

Working together is a great opportunity to share the Gospel. It didn’t take us much to help the lady, but for her it was a chance to look at us from a new angle. After that and the home group meeting Svetlana Ivanovna had changed her attitude to everything she heard. We believe that God is in working on her heart!

Team of the Grace Church, Kaluga


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