Grandmother Martha became a part of God’s family


PERM (RUSSIA) – The day was windy. We were walking down the streets of a town passing out Christian literature. One of the members of our team noticed an old lady and ran to her, “Christian mail”. The lady turned and smiled, and then she came up and gladly received the Gospel. We met her. Her name is Martha, she is 78.

Granny Martha lives all by herself in an old wooden house by the railway in Kuyeda town of Perm area. Here she was born and grew up, then got married. Two years ago her husband died. Martha considered herself an old faith believer, because that’s what her family used to believe. Five years ago she received water baptism in an Orthodox church.

Granny Martha told us that she had known about God since her childhood, but she never knew Him. We told her that God was alive and He answered prayers, gave strength and hope for the future. We suggested she prayed the sinners’ prayer, she agreed and prayed to Jesus for forgiveness of her sins. We prayed for her and blessed her home. When we were leaving, we hugged and kissed her goodbye, and it felt like we were one family.

Three days later we were leaving Kuyeda, and decided to visit granny Martha. We bought some sweets and a flower. She didn’t expect to see us and was very happy. She was very surprised with the gifts. We had some tea, took pictures and thanked God for He brought us all to Him. There’s nothing better than being part of His family!

Andrei Luchnikov
Team of the New Testament Church, Perm


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