Kansk: on the road again

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KANSK (SIBERIA, RUSSIA) - The team from Kansk has been on the road again. This time they went to two remote towns of Severo-Yeniseiskiy district, an administrative division of Krasnoyarsk territory, located in the center of the territory. The two towns were Novaya Eruda and Bryanka. Evangelists went door-to-door and visited every home. They told people about Christ, gave them Christian literature.

God opened hearts, people invited the team to stay in their homes for a night, gave them food. And our evangelists didn’t only preached the Word, they lived the Word – they helped to shovel snow and to chop firewood. Many people repented before the Lord and asked for forgiveness. Many expressed a desire to have a church in their town. The church will keep in touch with the new converts through correspondence Bible course.

The team of the Christ the Risen Savior Church, Kansk

The Russian Church of Christians of Evangelical Faith

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