A special event: Philadelphia Church of Izhevsk celebrated its 30th anniversary

In Russia

IZHEVSK – On May 12–14, the Philadelphia Church of Izhevsk celebrated its 30th anniversary. It was truly a great event for Udmurtia, for all these years thousands of lives were transformed, not only in Udmurtia, but all over Russia and even abroad.

Many guests from different churches and regions of Russia came to the Anniversary Conference, including Head Bishop of the Russian Church of Christians of Evangelical Faith Eduard Grabovenko.

Many kind words, greetings and blessings were offered to the church. The main idea of them is the entry of the Philadelphia Church in a special age of service to God, as 30 years — the age of the ministry beginning of the Lord Jesus Christ.

The worship team from the Cornerstone Church of Kazan led the worship on Saturday and that's when most of the greetings and sermons were preached by pastors of churches of Izhevsk and other cities and towns of Udmurtia as well as by guests from all over Russia. At the end of the day, seven bishops prayed to God for the church and the city.

On Sunday, a festive worship service was held. Church ministries had prepared singing and dancing numbers and video greetings.

For the anniversary a short film about the history of the church, construction of the temple and some stages of life of senior pastor Pavel Zhelnovakov's family was made. The film was shown during the worship service on Sunday.

Of course it's impossible to cover the whole history of the church in just three days, but it was enough time to rejoice and praise the Lord for all that He has done and we believe will do on the Udmurt land through the Philadelphia church and its ministers.

The Russian Church of Christians of Evangelical Faith, Pentecostals

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