From May 7 to 9 ‘The Source of Life’ Conference was held in Syktyvkar

In Russia

SYKTYVKAR – During these days the church celebrated 28 years of service to God and people. The speakers were Eduard Grabovenko, Head Bishop of Russian Church and lead pastor of the New Testament Church of Perm, and Deputy Head Bishop in the North-West federal district, Lead Pastor of the New Testament Church of St. Petersburg Alexander Tsvetkov and his wife Valeria Tsvetkova, Bishop and Lead Pastor of the Source of Life Church of Syktyvkar Pavel Kudrov, representatives of the Revival Fire movement in South Africa Dr. Gustav Du Toit and Dr. Jackie Mare and SokolovBrothers team.

For his sermon, Bishop Pavel Kudrov read a passage from the book of Revelation, “I know your works; you are neither cold nor hot; oh, if you were cold or hot! But as you are lukewarm, and neither hot nor cold, I will spew you out of My mouth” (chapter 3, verses 15, 16). Pavel encouraged the church to say goodbye to its “lukewarm” attitude toward God and to show its hot heart in every area of life.

Bishop Alexander Tsvetkov on the second day spoke about mysteries, “If a mystery is revealed, it will always change reality. That is why we should not reveal all secrets. Information will change reality, it will change the attitude toward man, the attitude toward ministry.” On the third day, the speaker preached on trust to God.

Bishop Eduard Grabovenko in his sermon noted, “You can be a whole person, have flesh, have a condition, but not have the Spirit of God.” Eduard encouraged believers to allow the Spirit of God to make themselves not just a whole person, but the host of God.

Dr. Gustave Du Toit observed that if we do not know the promises of God, we will “flow with life,” the devil will say we are weak. Our main problem is ignorance, what we don't know hurts.

The closing message at the conference was shared by Dr. Jackie Mare. The speaker talked about victimhood.

Conference participants could attend two of four workshops of their choice. The first day was SokolovBrothers' ‘Heart of a Fan’ and Valerie Tsvetkova's ‘From the Soul to the Spirit’. On the second day, Dr. Jackie Mare and Dr. Gustave Du Toit spoke about mission and leadership.

On the evening of May 7, praise and worship was held by the SokolovBrothers. The church was greeted with performances by the Good Samaritans creative group, the dance ministry, the children's creative group ‘Vertep’ and the ministry of the deaf. The churches of the Source of Life network of Ukhta, Vorkuta, Pechora, Sosnogorsk, Koygorodok and Yemva represented by their senior pastors also congratulated the Syktyvkar church on its birthday.

The first service of the conference included two events — an engagement and blessing of three families, who had come to the church already married, but had not received a blessing or been married in the church.

A few comments on the Source of Life Conference:

“I enjoyed the speakers, workshops, and instruction for life! May the atmosphere of the conference that we had in the past remain for next year as well. God bless the church when all His kids come together. It's important!”

“The Praise Night, Valeria Tsvetkova's and Dr. Gustav's workshops were very enjoyable! I expected fellowship with brothers and sisters, the atmosphere of joy, togetherness, revelation, to get answers to their questions. Thanks to the pastor, all the organizers and speakers, this conference was extraordinary.”

“Thank you very much for celebrating the birthday of the church in unity. Thank you for the arrangement and order!”

“Thanks to all the organizers and all the ministries for such a celebration! You can see the great work of the media team. Thanks to Bishop Pavel Kudrov, his wife and family for their faithful ministry and example of faith! Fellowship, anointed services and broadcasts when there was no opportunity to come and be at the service in person.”

The Source of Life Church of Syktyvkar

The Russian Church of Christians of Evangelical Faith

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