INSPIRATION 2022 Youth Conference took place in Barnaul


BARNAUL – On November 4 and 5, the Light of Awakening Church in Barnaul hosted the youth conference SVETPRO×YOUTH ‘INSPIRATION’ 2022.

The conference brought together about 200 participants from cities of Altai, Kemerovo and Novosibirsk regions. Pastor of the Salvation in Christ Church of Krasnoyarsk Dmitry Dolgopolov and pastor of the New Life Church of Ekaterinburg Victor Sudakov were invited to inspire the youth.

The first speaker of the conference was Samuel Inkin, the senior pastor of the Light of Awakening Church of Barnaul. He shared that any source of inspiration in this world has a short-term effect, and only Jesus Christ is the inexhaustible source around which we can position our lives so that we never thirst.

Pastor Dmitry Dolgopolov shared two messages with the youth. On the first day of the conference he talked about how important it is to learn to hear God's voice, to recognize His plan for our lives and to understand our calling. All this is only possible if we stay in the temple, listen to the priest and serve God, remaining faithful in small things.

Not only young people were present at the conference, but also the elder generation. So the second sermon was about the unity of generations, which is necessary for well-coordinated work in every church. The pastor spoke about how the elders in any church are the rock, and the young men are the fire, and without one there should not be another.

On the first day, Pastor Victor Sudakov shared that with spiritual age comes a change in knowledge and a change in character. The second sermon was about prejudice. Each of us has hidden prejudices about a person that determine our first impression of him. However, only the fruit of the person is the criterion by which we should trust the person. The basic idea was that unity is impossible without trust.

Throughout the conference, each sermon was followed by an interaction with prizes. Participants answered questions on the main points of sermons.

The first day of the conference ended with an Afterparty. The organizers arranged a zone with fiery dancing and songs and a zone of board games. At the end of the conference we had an evening of praise and worship, when all the youth in unity worshipped God. We believe that everyone at the conference was inspired to reach new heights.

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