Regional Women’s Conference took place in Kemerovo


KEMEROVO (RUSSIA), Nov., 3 – A regional women conference “And she smiles at the future” took place in Kemerovo Revival Church. 500 women from different churches of Western Siberia participated in the event.

The participants prayed together, worshiped God and listened to the sermons. Many useful revelations, new acquaintanceships and unforgettable emotions – all that was an essential part of the women conference.

The speakers at the conference were pastor Andrei Kaidalov (Revival Church, Kemerovo), pastor Yuri Stolyarov (Kemerovo Christian Center, Kemerovo), pastor Konstantin Izmadenov (Tomsk Christian Center, Tomsk).

One of the participants shared what was most memorable at the conference: “The conference began with the worship, and the presence of God was there. Then we listened to the sermon that was necessary to every sister in Christ. After a series of sermons they fed us with some tasty food. Organizers of the conference prepared entertaining program for us: dancing and a lottery with interesting prizes. An open microphone was there for us and pastors were ready to answer any questions. In the end of the conference we prayed for each other and opened our hearts. That day will be in our memories for a long time, and the word that we received will definitely come into action in our lives”.

The Russian Church of Christians of Evangelical Faith




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