‘It's Time to Bring Hope’. Rehabilitation Ministry Online Conference was held in Perm


PERM – “Anything is possible” — the annual joint conference of the Challenge Rehabilitation Centers Coalition and the Rehabilitation Ministry of the Russian Church of Christians of Evangelical Faith.

The main goal of the conference is to develop the potential of rehabilitation centers of local churches to effectively solve social problems.

The New Testament Church in Perm was hosting the conference for the second time, though every year a new city is chosen for the conference. This time the conference was held online, so there was a need for good technical equipment. The church in Perm was chosen due to its prepared and well-qualified technical team and live broadcasting equipment. During the conference ten livestreams took place. On average, each of them was viewed from 300 devices. There were not only individual viewers, but groups at the rehab centers and churches who organized screenings of the conference services.

On the first day of the conference worship was led by the Perm church worship teams. Pastors and coordinators of the rehabilitation ministry shared their messages.

The second day of the conference featured workshops on rehabilitation ministry, curriculum, ministerial training and spiritual growth. During an interactive panel discussion, senior rehabilitation ministers answered questions of conference participants.

During the conference, a meeting of the Council of the Challenge Coalition of Rehabilitation Centers of Russia was held. The council consists of pastors, bishops, and ministers with experience in the successful development and application of the curriculum. They discussed the development of the ministry and the annual conferences of the Coalition in 2021-2022. The council decided to appoint Alexander Panushkin, pastor of New Testament Church in Moscow and head of rehabilitation ministry in the Central Federal District, to lead the Challenge ministry in Russia.

* Challenge Coalition of rehabilitation centers in Russia is a part of an international ministry 

Global Teen Challenge. It is a non-profit organization. Its goal is to help people around the world find freedom from addictions that control their lives. Teen Challenge has been doing this work since 1958. It is based on a curriculum for rehabilitation centers.

Here is some feedback from participants and organizers of the conference

“I thank God for the opportunity to host the Teen Challenge Conference at our church. At this difficult time we organized an online conference. Hundreds of people were able to be with us through the live broadcast, discussing God's Word. It is a time of encouragement, exhortation, learning and sharing. I believe there will be good fruit!” — Sergey Povarnitsin, Social ministry Pastor of the New Testament Church of Perm

“Thanks to everyone who came and joined the conference online. ‘Anything is possible’ Conference was an inspiration and a boost for rehabilitation ministries. The main thing in addiction ministry is to reach every addict in Russia and bring hope.” — Ilya Bantseev, head of Challenge–Russia ministry, senior pastor of My Church (Novokuznetsk)

“We see and understand the problem of people who need salvation, who are in difficult situations. It is in our power to bring them hope, to say the word that will give them a new life. We have the word that will change the inner state, heart and mind.” — Oleg Vershinin, conference participant (Perm)

“I was on my way to the conference with question: 'How to move forward?' because new times, new challenges. I prayed to God, “Lord, show me what to change, where to go, give me vision, give me understanding. I received a specific answer from the Lord. The word I received put everything in its place. It's a blessing for me to be here.” — Oleg Prudnikov, deacon of the Holy Trinity Church, responsible for the rehabilitation ministry (Smolensk)

“A productive time is when we gather, meditate on God's Word. I was inspired when the pastor said that we need to move forward, we need to have hope in the Lord, we need to grow. I thank God that I had the opportunity to be here, and I thank the people who organized the conference. God bless you.” — Grigory, Head of Rehabilitation Center (Lipetsk)


Videos of the conference (sermons, interactive discussion and workshops): https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLfkv1_ZcPx15Ev8cV78vae1DBwsswNWna 

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Video report: https://youtu.be/0Yatdekmg1I 

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The Russian Church of Christians of Evangelical Faith

The New Testament Church of Perm




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