128 ministers have completed a three-year training leadership program for rehabilitation centers


IZHEVSK (RUSSIA) - December 1-4, a final session in the city of Izhevsk marked the completion of the unprecedented project for Russian centers of social rehabilitation. During three years (2011 – 2014) directors and workers of the rehabilitation centers were able to go through a training program and improve their skills and level of work of their centers.

The program was prepared and held with the help of international Christian organizations, well-established in the field of social rehabilitation, such as Teen Challenge, ISAAC and TearFund. The program also included proven successful practices of Russian rehabilitation centers.

During the first two years 240 ministers from all over Russia started the training program. It was organized in four centers throughout Russia – Moscow, Izhevsk, Barnaul, Krasnoyarsk – and taught by experienced ministers from European and American rehabilitation centers, as well as Russian ministers that have rich experience in this area.

128 ministers successfully completed the program. 56 of them have receieved their sertificates and 72 will receive them in the beginning of 2015. We warmly congratulate all of them. All students – those who completed and those who for various reasons could not do it, were of high opinion on the organization of the training, skills and knowledge of teachers and the level of the proposed material.

The program included the following topics:

• Understanding addiction – spiritual, physical, social and psychological.
• Teen Challenge curriculum.
• Re-entry program.
• Counseling – skills of a counselor.
• How to train others.
• Support Groups for chemically dependent before, during and after recovery.
• Relapse prevention – methods of detection and prevention of relapse.
• HIV and addiction. Understanding the needs of former drug users living with HIV, discordant couples, secondary prevention.
• How to help the homeless.

• Leadership in the organization: vision, strategic planning, team management.
• Qualities of a Leader: Christ's example, time management, ethics, integrity, life management, spiritual discipline, how to serve your family.
• Biblical mentoring, Bible teacher, communication skills, listening skills
• Public speaking skills
• Spiritual gifts
• The authority of the Kingdom
• Servant heart.

Management of the organization:
• Finance and Fundraising: budgeting, reporting, raising funds.
• Partner Engagement
• Management of the organization in the times of changes
• Human Resource Management
• Relationships and Accountability
• State policy on NGO's
• NGO's Marketing
• NGO's Management

We hope that the program will be in demand in the future. Currently, an agreement with the Moscow Theological Institute has been reached to use the program as a basis for training in social ministry.

In addition, there are already several applications of the regional associations and carrying out of this program in their territory. Implementation of the program in the Krasnodar region is being considered this year. Many rehabilitation centers of the Southern Federal District support an idea of organizing the training.

We would like to express our gratitude to everyone who actively participated in the project, all those who organized, hosted the trainings, invested finances. May the Lord reward you for your kindness!


Alex Ivshin

Head of the rehabilitation ministry

The Russian Church of Christians of Evangelical Faith

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