Teenagers' Rally in the Kaluga region


KALUGA REGION (RUSSIA) - ‘Your Choice’ Teenagers's Rally was held in Kaluga region last month. It was attended by teenagers from churches of different cities in Kaluga region: Sukhinichi, Babynino, Meshchovsk, Serpeysk, Kaluga, Vorotynsk. 
God gave people freedom to choose good and bad – which way to go?

More than 50 teenagers discussed what their choices depend on, whether it is easy to make the right choice, responsibility and consequences of wrong choices in life.

In today's world, young people have to make different decisions every day. Organizers prepared some videos to help rally participants make right choices.

One of the tasks for each team was to look into life situations where teens needed to make correct decision. It was helpful to apply what they learned from sermons of ministers that they had heard prior to work-shops: youth ministry leader of the Grace church of Kaluga Anton Litarenko, teenagers ministry leader Sergey Merkulov and others.

The Rally helped teenagers from different churches to get to know each other, have fellowship, play, sharing their stories. Team had time to prepare skits and dramas. Each of them reflected teens' understanding of the importance of making right choices in their lives and the lives of their peers. Teens recognize that many of them are faced with difficult situations, where sometimes a choice is akin to a denial of something beloved. However, it should be noted that teens understand the need to have their own opinion, the ability to
decide what to do, what one should not cherish in this world, and what things should be given priority – everyone needs to learn all this, both young people and adults.

Rally participants went home with the desire to meet again next time – to praise the Lord together again, learn new truths, and have fun.

Teens Ministry, Grace Church of Kaluga

The Russian Church of Christians of Evangelical Faith


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