People were open to the Gospel and willing to listen to the Word of God

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DOMODEDOVO (RUSSIA) - May, 2014 - In May, Bethesda church of Domodedovo in Moscow region became a part of the One Year for Jesus Project. Team leader Constantin Gotovchikov, a minister who moved to the Moscow town of Domodedovo from Barnaul New Life Church, where he also was the head of the evangelistic project. Not much time has passed, as he shared his vision of the One Year for Jesus Project in Bethesda Church. He gathered a team of dedicated people, though it’s a small team, but they already have their first fruits. Evangelists were willing to share their stories.

Vitaly Tokarev: “Our first outreach was to the village of Konstantinovo. We divided by two, as Jesus taught, and went from door to door to tell people about Christ and salvation. On the way we met many people and preached to them. I was surprised that people were open to the Gospel and willing to listen to the Word of God. They were glad to receive Christian literature. On the first day two people repented, their faces shone so that we became even more eager to talk about the Lord. All the way back, I praised the Lord. I will pray more for unsaved and for those who share the Lord with them. Many thanks to the organizers of the projest and all those involved in it, spreading the Word of God.”

The team of the Bethesda Church, Domodedovo, Moscow area


The Russian Church of Christians of Evangelical Faith

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