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DZERZHINSKY (RUSSIA) - Levon Movsesyan, who is a member of the One Year for Jesus team in Dzerzhinsky, speaks about himself and his ministry: I am 37 years old. In my past I was a drug addict, used heavy drugs. From some of my old friends I heard about rehabilitation program and decided to go through it. By God’s mercy and love I was delivered from drugs and now I am able to share my testimony with other guys and girls that are on a wide and straight way to death. I meet drug addicts and I tell them that there is a way out. I invite them to go through a rehabilitation program.

I meet alcoholics and I tell them about my new life. The Lord strengthens and gives me wisdom what to say to each person. Also, we go to different towns of Moscow region and tell people, who are stuck in their problems and sins, about the Good News of Christ. We do our best to present them our Savior, so that they reconcile with Him. Sometimes we face difficulties, but with the Lord we overcome every obstacle.

The team of the New Testament Church, Dzerzhinsky

The Russian Church of Christians of Evangelical Faith

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