PASSWORDX Youth Rally: church ministry, business, sports and creativity


CRIMEA – Youth Rally of evangelical churches took place in the Crimea. For ten days in August, the village of Vitino near Yevpatoriya became a popular youth venue. For the fourth time, the PASSWORD Christian rally ( was held here. Starting in 2011, the rally was held in Perm, then in Kaluga. Camping on the Black Sea coast placed 2,137 participants from 162 cities of Russia. The meeting was attended by participants and speakers from Kazakhstan, Malaysia, Australia, Israel, the USA and Norway.

PASSWORD is a rally where experienced ministers equip the younger generation to serve God and community, and to preach the gospel. The rally covers the areas of church service, business, sports and creativity.

The organizers — the Russian Church of Christians of Evangelical Faith — continued to position PASSWORD as a rally of festivals. The program of the 10th anniversary rally includes popular rap and drum battles, a song contest, a vocal school, and stand-up. This year new directions were opened: poetry evening, creative workshops on theatrical art and beatbox battle.

Pastors and ministers of the Russian Church preached and conducted workshops for spiritual growth and strength in the Christian faith. Bishop Eduard Grabovenko, pastors and bishops Sergey Nakul, Ivan Borichevsky, Sergey Gorbenko, Alexander Kalinin, Sergey Yastrzhembsky, Svyatoslav Purshaga, Sergey Terekhov, Larisa Grabovenko, youth ministers Alexander Khudyakov, David Grabovenko, Ekaterina Samoilova, Maximandra Nikandrov Milyato, foreign preachers Anatoly Moklyak, Larry Kessler, T. T. Qua, Stephan and Anna Christiansen, Daniel Lo, Ryan Fu, Michael French — inspired to love God and serve people, encouraged young people to be guided in life by biblical principles, to be consistent in everything they do, to boldly and creatively preach the Good News.

At the rally, workshops in the areas of church service were held: evangelism, world mission, media, social work, and prevention of addictions.

The organizers have prepared tournaments in football, volleyball, cross-fit and, for the first time, in chess.

The music program included performances by 11 worship groups. Among the headliners were 4UBAND, SokolovBrothers with an evening of praise and worship, My Family Band. At the opening and closing day, the group LIVEWORSHIP performed.

Among the participants of the rally, 70 young people, in response to the gospel preaching, went forward to the altar to pray and devote their lives to God for the first time, 67 young people received water baptism.

The participants of the rally shared their impressions.

“Cannot convey in words how much PASSWORDX impacted me! I got what I came for. I asked myself questions, the answers to which, perhaps, will forever change my plans for life. Thank God for every new friend! ”— Katerina (Volgograd).

“The atmosphere is unreal! Always informative and practical workshops, a lot of fellowship. So many emotions from this gathering, my heart will no longer be the same! ”— Lydia (Kazan).

“Thanks to those who helped me to go to PASSWORDX, I wanted to be the one who would help someone to go to the next PASSWORD. It was an unforgettable time. By the way, everything was not as I expected. No, there was not just emotions… God has been doing something with me all these days. It broke my heart... This is what I understood: if God did as we expected, He would not be the one who exceeds expectations”— Lisa (Perm).

“How could one fall in love with the atmosphere, the people around, the sea, those gatherings around the fire?” #PASSWORD, why did you end so quickly?”— Veronika (Volgograd).

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The organizer of the rally is the Centralized Religious Organization the Russian Church of the Christians of Evangelical Faith.

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