One Year for Jesus Youth Team spent a week with Astrakhan youth


ASTRAKHAN – ‘One Year for Jesus’ Youth team from Perm – “One Year for Jesus. Youth” – has been visiting with youth of Astrakhan “Christ the Savior” church for seven days. The team came to Astrakhan on April, 3. And right away started to help preparing for “Time to Act” Youth conference.

On Thursday morning, April, 4 the guests were taken for a tour to the Astrakhan Kremlin and a walk by riverside. In the evening the One Year for Jesus Youth team took part in a church prayer service. On Friday, the youth was preparing for the conference. It was the first youth conference for Astrakhan church. Opening was in the evening. A bright and powerful music team “Together” from Volgograd performed. On the first day about 100 people registered for the conference. The conference continued on Saturday. Same Volgograd team “Together” led in praise and worship again. After lunch two workshops took place. A media ministry workshop was conducted by a videograph from Perm “New Testament” Church Anton Moshev and two members of One Year for Jesus Youth team, and the youth ministry workshop was conducted by team coordinator David Grabovenko.

In the evening a concert of the One Year for Jesus Youth team “Love PRO” took place at a “Dvorik” café on the Volga riverside. The performance was developed to show and share what true love is. After the concert we talked to young people who came to the concert and took a group picture.

On Sunday, the One Year for Jesus Youth ministered at the church Sunday service. The guys led the worship and shared from the Word of God. During the day, at the conference a presentation of the One Year for Jesus. Youth project was made. Team members shared their stories, how they came to the project, what they do, and answered the questions. In the evening the conference was closed and the “Christ the Savior” youth worship team ministered to the participants. Then David Grabovenko preached. Astrakhan youth sang a song that they wrote specially for the conference. The group beautifully sang it together with the audience, worshiped God and concluded the conference with a prayer. On Monday, April, 8 Astrakhan “One Year for Jesus” team together with the youth and Perm team went to evangelize. They visited six locations in Astrakhan area: Tumak, Sizy Bugor, Sakhma, Plotovinka, Kulpa and Akhterek.

On April 9, the One Year for Jesus Youth team performed another “Love PRO” concert at a boarding school. And in the evening the team ministered at a youth meeting at the “Way of the Truth” Church. They shared the word and testimonies about how God changed their lives. On the last day in Astrakhan the One Year for Jesus Youth team and the church youth went on a picnic. They played, shared their impressions about the conference, services and concerts, made shashlik, caught fish and made a famous Astrakhan fish soup.

In the evening the inexhaustible Perm team went to a home group meeting to the “Reconciliation” church, where they ministered: sang, shared the word and testimonies.

On April 11, the team left to Perm. Youth leader of Astrakhan “Christ the Savior” Church Alexei Panichkin expressed the common impression: “We’re happy that the One Year for Jesus Youth team came to stay with us for a whole week. These guys are really cool, they helped us with the conference, after the conference they organized a evangelistic outreach for 38 people, two outreach concerts. In the end they organized a picnic with shashlik and fish soup. We have a warm and pleasant feeling about the visit and we made good friends. We’re looking forward to seeing them again”.

The Russian church of Christians of Evangelical Faith based on the information of the Christ the Savior Church (Astrakhan)

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