Adrenalin Youth Camp united the youth of Rostov-on-Don area


ROSTOV-ON-DON – On July 11 to 13, an annual youth tent camp took place at Nikolaevskaya stanitsa at the Don riverside. It’s the fifth year already that the Youth ministry of Rostov-on-Don Christ the Savior church organizes summer holidays for the youth together with the other churches of the region. The event gathered more than 200 people from different churches of Rostov-on-Don and the area. There were guests from Krasnodar region, Volgograd, Moscow, Republic of Adygea and even from Kamchatka.

The programme was very eventful: morning prayers, spiritual workshops of pastors of different churches, sport competitions, table-top games, beach soccer, tennis, morning and evening church services, worshiping God at the camp fire. The rainy weather did not amiss the traditional “barrier line” – team competitions that united the youth.

This time the six teams needed to go through contests of dexterity, courage and erudition in water and overland. The contestants had to find a way out of dirt maze, carry a 9 kilos ball through an artificial swamp, carry living crawfish from one bowl to another with teeth, give the right answers to the spokesman questions and be dredged with flour and much more.

Eventually, all tasks were successfully done, the participants received lots of bright emotions and, above all, learned to overcome fears and help each other. For some of the kids that was the first time in Christian environment, and they’ve made a decision to follow the Lord.

As soon as “Adrenalin-2019” finished, the hosts and the contributors met again and began to plan on and discuss the new ideas for the next camp. See you at “Adrenalin-2020!”


Christ the Savior church, Rostov-on-Don



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