‘The world around me changes once I change’. Women's conference was held in Volgograd


VOLGOGRAD – A women's conference was held in the Grace of Jesus Christ Church of Volgograd on November 26. Women from different churches of Volgograd and Astrakhan came together under the common motto of the meeting: “The world around me changes once I change”.

The meeting began with a prayer and inspiring words of Pastor Nikolai Tyrtyshnikov. He thanked every woman for the ministry to their families, society, and church.

During the three sessions the church praised and worshiped God, received encouraging messages from the conference speakers Galina Rudenkaya, Yulia Kalinina, and Elena Kulagova.

They talked about how to give situations to the Lord and trust Him, the courage to face problems with prayer and seek protection in the house of God, how to let go of the past and appreciate what is given in the present. About managing your emotions, owning yourself and the need to change your mindset according to God's Word in order to see good changes in your life. And most importantly, to look at the victory that Christ has won for us.

The Russian Church of Christians of Evangelical Faith

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