“Zhemchuzhina”* club for children with disabilities operates in the "The Risen Christ the Savior" church


KANSK (RUSSIA) – The Kansk church of "The Risen Christ the Savior" has a social ministry department which works with disabled children and their parents.

The ministry started with organizing events for the children. The church members used their vehicles to bring disabled children and their parents from across the city to the church services on Easter and Christmas. The church provided a festive program which included a staged performance, contests, games, greetings from the church and gifts. The church also organized a recreation day: children with disabilities and their parents were invited to a recreation center for a day to play, to participate in contests, to ride on a horse. Bible reading was an essential part of the day.

Some families expressed a desire to meet more often. The “Zhemchuzhina” club was established. The church continues to host the meetings, - the children participate in contests, do crafts with their hands, drink tea together. All contests, songs and crafts have Biblical basis. You can look at some pictures to see how children and their parents enjoy the club activities.

“The Risen Christ the Savior” church, Kansk, Krasnoyarsk region

The Russian Church of Christians of Evangelical Faith

*“Zhemchuzhina” (rus.) – “Perl” (eng.)


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