What we believe

We believe in five famous Protestant points:

  • We recognize God as the supreme and absolute Authority and Power.
  • We recognize salvation as a free gift to all mankind through Jesus’ mercy and grace given on the Cross.
  • We recognize the Holy Scripture as the only source of Christian revival and right to each Christian to understand and interpret the Bible.
  • We recognize the Church as “Christian fellowship” where the Gospel is been preached in all its purity.
  • We recognize the right for every Christian to pray to God without having so called “special mediators”.
  • We believe in apostolic baptism in the Holy Spirit with signs manifesting with spiritual gifts for His Church to be shaped, believers to be raised up and bring unbelievers to faith. We believe in biblical order that Apostles had confirmed for marriage, for premarital relationship, for Church structure, for worship and devotion.
  • We believe in mission where we have to reach out to each tribe and every nation. We believe we need to do social work inside and outside of the Church. We surely understand and confirm we need to be educated secularly and spiritually, since without knowledge we take a risk to be aggressive and extreme. We believe we must have good relationship with government and even cooperate in areas that the Holy Scriptures describe.
  • The Russian Church of Christians of Evangelical Faith

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