Head Bishop Eduard Grabovenko was elected President of the International Assembly of Christians of the Evangelical Faith

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KIEV (UKRAINE) – The elections were held in Kiev on September 26 during the Conference of the International Assembly of Christians of Evangelical Faith.

The Assembly’s leadership is elected every two years. Before 2014, the incumbent president at the end of the term authorized the vice-president to become president, and a new vice-president was elected from members of the Assembly Committee by rotation principle. Since 2014, the president is elected by secret ballot, vice president and secretary — openly.

Voting on the evening of September 26 showed that of two candidates nominated for the Assembly president, the Head Bishop of the Russian Church of Evangelical Christians Eduard Grabovenko received 18 of 26 Committee members votes. Eight members voted for bishop of Evangelical Faith Christians Union of Moldova Viktor Pavlovsky.

Bishop of the United Slavic Pentecostal Fellowship (eastern part of the USA) Victor Limonchenko was elected Vice-president, First Deputy Bishop of the Evangelical Christians Union of Lithuania Ivanas Shkulis remained Secretary. Members of the Committee prayed blessings on the new leadership.

Bishop Eduard Grabovenko thanked brothers for their trust and support. This new responsibility — coordination of the International Assembly's work — he will combine with the ministry of the pastor of the New Testament Church in Perm and the head of the Russian Church.

The International Assembly of Christians of the Evangelical Faith unites 18 Pentecostal Unions and churches from 14 countries in Europe, Asia, the United States and Canada with a total of 7,200 churches and groups.

The Russian Church of Christians of Evangelical Faith





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