Unmarried Christians from Rostov-on-Don and the region met for their sixth meeting


ROSTOV-ON-DON (RUSSIA) – On January 27, the sixth meeting of Christians who wanted to find a couple took place in the Christ the Savior Church of Rostov-on-Don.

The event traditionally began with songs of worship. Then there were games and contests in order to break ice and make friends.

Pastor of the Church of Christ the Savior Viktor Shvedov, who together with his wife conducts courses of pre-marital counseling, reminded the participants what they should pay special attention to, while building relationships with the opposite sex. In particular, he touched on the topic of health, as one of the important spheres of married life.

«If you have a serious illness, especially sexually transmitted diseases, you should tell your fiancé or bride about it before the wedding. Also, if you suffer, for example, a cardiovascular disease that can significantly affect life expectancy, you should also talk about it. Your companion of life has the right to know what to expect by marrying and giving birth to children» – the pastor said.

In addition, the ьштшыеук reminded all participants of the meeting about the importance of sexual purity of pre-marital relations and urged men and women not to forget about this.

After the spiritual part, a reception was held, at which the participants of the event could get to know each other better and communicate in an informal atmosphere.
Administrator Margarita Kornienko proposed to hold the next meeting in February in an unusual place, for example, in anti-cafe.

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