The Word of God and the good deeds


BOGORODSK (RUSSIA) - The Molev’s – Viktor Alexandrovich and Tamara Vasilievna – are retired: he is 75 and she is 80. In the town of Kamenki where they live the One Year for Jesus team from Bogorodsk had a rally preaching the Gospel and praying for healing. Viktor Alexandrovich and Tamara Vasilievna came up to the front at the altar call and then the pastor prayed for their health restoration. They invited pastor Vladimir Bogdanov to come to their house to help them study the Word of God. And one week after that, a small Bible study group began to meet in their house.

Once pastor Vladimir and his wife came to the Bible study at the Molev’s house. Viktor Alexandrovich was lying in his bed and couldn’t stand up as his leg hurt. The pastor prayed for the healing and the pain was gone. Viktor Alexandrovich could walk again. He began to share with his friends and neighbors about the healing and invite everybody to come to the meetings in his house.

One Saturday a team came to the Molev’s house to do good deeds: they cleaned floors, windows, hung news curtains. Tamara Vasilievna was happy with her clean house. She kept saying they wouldn’t be able to clean the windows themselves and change the curtains, so it was so good that the team was able to help them. To thank us, they treated us with tea and pastries.

eam of the Living God Church, Bogorodsk