ROSTOV-ON-DON – The Ninth Youth Conference “More than you can” again became one of the most awaited events of autumn for many guys and girls.

BARNAUL – On November 1 to 3, an annual youth conference #svetproyouth19 took place in Barnaul. It was the third conference organized by the Light of Revival Church youth ministry, but it has become unique. It united people of different ages and was titled “Unity of Generations”.

SAINT-PETERSBURG – The VI annual Youth Сonference “Empowered. Mission possible” took place in Saint-Petersburg. Ministers from different cities of Russia inspired the participants to carry out their calling.

CRIMEA – Youth Rally of evangelical churches took place in the Crimea. For ten days in August, the village of Vitino near Yevpatoriya became a popular youth venue. For the fourth time, the PASSWORD Christian rally ( was held here. Starting in 2011, the rally was held in Perm, then in Kaluga. Camping on the Black Sea coast placed 2,137 participants from 162 cities of Russia. The meeting was attended by participants and speakers from Kazakhstan, Malaysia, Australia, Israel, the USA and Norway.


CRIMEA - On August 6 the 10th PASSWORD anniversary youth rally began near Yevpatoriya. It will last until August 15.

ROSTOV-ON-DON – On July 11 to 13, an annual youth tent camp took place at Nikolaevskaya stanitsa at the Don riverside. It’s the fifth year already that the Youth ministry of Rostov-on-Don Christ the Savior church organizes summer holidays for the youth together with the other churches of the region. The event gathered more than 200 people from different churches of Rostov-on-Don and the area. There were guests from Krasnodar region, Volgograd, Moscow, Republic of Adygea and even from Kamchatka.

ASTRAKHAN – ‘One Year for Jesus’ Youth team from Perm – “One Year for Jesus. Youth” – has been visiting with youth of Astrakhan “Christ the Savior” church for seven days. The team came to Astrakhan on April, 3. And right away started to help preparing for “Time to Act” Youth conference.

PSKOV – On February 21 to 23, UPGRADE Youth Conference took place in Pskov. 420 young people from 35 cities and 8 countries gathered together. Those were three amazing days of the Holy Spirit movement. The conference was called “Reach out!” A powerful word of the conference speakers Andrew Gardner and Nikolai Zalutski took away young people’s hearts. Profound worship and prayers touched everyone.

IRKUTSK REGION (RUSSIA) – The regional youth conference “Reaching more” was held on November 23–25, at the Grace in Christ Church of Bratsk and on November 27 at the New Life Church of Irkutsk.

OMSK (RUSSIA), Nov., 2-4 – The "Immersion" Youth Conference was held in Omsk. Boys and girls from eight cities of Russia, representing fifteen churches came to Omsk to immerse themselves in thoughts about their calling and commitment to the cause of God.

SAINT-PETERSBURG, Oct. 19-21 – The fifth “Empowered” Youth Conference took place in the northern capital of Russia. Youth and teenagers visited workshops, received instructions from elder ministers and met a youth team from Finland.

The theme of this year was “The beginning. Genesis”. The conference began with workshops in six directions: “How to begin sharing Good news”, “How to conduct a follow up meeting” “How to start a media ministry” “How to begin singing” “How to build relationships” and “For those who didn’t make up their minds yet”. The workshops were conducted by youth ministers and coordinators of the North-Western association of the Russian Church of Christians of Evangelical Faith and by guests from Finland.

Saturday was devoted to receiving spiritual food and included three services with the bishop of the North-Western association Alexander Tsvetkov, bishop Alexei Rudenki and youth pastor from Tempera (Finland) church Joona Salo participating.

Alexander Tsvetkov was speaking about the need to transform our ways of thinking: “God is the beginning of everything. If Jesus is in your heart, you don’t need to look for the sources in the world. The beginning is in your heart already – just transform what you already have”. Pastor Joona focused on the unity of the church. “We need to stop being afraid of each other and should have more fear of God. We will win if we cling together, following God” – says the minister.

Bishop Rudenki pointed out at the importance of being obedient to God’s Word and used some examples from the Bible: “Esther’s obedience paved her the way to the kingship. David was the youngest in his family, and when the prophet came, nobody even remembered about him. But the most important was that David sincerely loved the Lord, was faithful to Him, and years later has become a king of Israel”.

Together with pastor Joona a team of ministers from Tempera came. The guests led the worship, shared their knowledge and experience at workshops and had a great time of fellowship with teenagers and youth of Saint-Petersburg.

The Russian Church of Christians of Evangelical Faith





VITINO (RUSSIA) – Recently, 1,400 young people from 170 cities and towns of Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Israel, South Korea, Malaysia, Singapore, Australia and USA gathered at Vitino settlement near Yevpatoria for the National Youth Convention PASSWORD–PassTheWord, where the senior generation passes on the Word of God, the fire and ministry experience to the young. The rally took place on July 25 to August 2. The organizer of the rally was the Centralized religious organization Russian Church of Christians of Evangelical Faith.

What we were doing at the convention    
This year we’ve had enough spare time to rest and swim in the sea. Thanks to the meetings called PASSWORD.Connect we were able to make friends on the first days, and the fellowship continued during the rally. The participants added each other to their social networks’ accounts, invited each other over. Two of my friends are going for a visit to Saint-Petersburg and another friend – to Perm. We’ve become friends. Of course, there were evenings near the campfire with singing worship songs and games with a genial company, volley ball and soccer, cross-fit and many contests.

In the first part of a day the most part of the participants rested and swam in the sea, and at that time some of them, including the organizers, were preparing for festivals and contests, had auditions. After lunch the heat, spiritual part, began. The youth gathered at the large tent, and we were worshiping God and listening for God’s Word together. The preachers shared their ministry experience, inspired the young hearts to burn for God and faithfully minister to Him. After that the workshops and seminars took place, where the professionals were teaching the youth what they know themselves.

I’ve visited Vitaly Bushter’s, a business trainer from Orenburg, “Networking” workshops (building relationships and connecting with people), seminar of Andrei Derkatch, director of “Youth with the mission” missionary school from Rostov-on-Don. The most important thing that remained in my memory after the seminar is that in a foreign culture we shouldn’t be afraid to start all over, and his statement about “the lack of money is the main tool of mission progress”, turned my mind over. I believe that God has His reasons to tell us what we need to hear, and He leads the way. After dinner the second service took place, and then contests, meetings, a Viktor Lavrinenko’s, musician from Saint-Petersburg, evening, contests of drummers, rappers and beat-boxers, a “What? Where? When?” contest with questions from Acts, a Club for the Lighthearted and Quick-witted game and just some fun time together.

It seemed interesting to me that for the first time a children and youth ministry “Royal Rangers” was represented at PASSWORD rally. Their vision is faithful ministers of Jesus Christ, with an active position in church and society. The representative of “Royal Rangers” in the South region of Russia Evgeny Krishtop from Gelendzhik was sharing about how to become part of their ministry. The “Royal Rangers” site is in English:

At the rally the “One Year for Jesus” and “Youth year for Jesus” projects were represented. We’ve heard testimonies about the changes in lives of those who hear the Gospel and those who preach it. For further information please see:, and for “One Year for Jesus” project news:

Pastoral school for youth
Last year the Head bishop of the Russian church of Christians of Evangelical faith Edward Grabovenko was inspiring the youth to take part in the ministry as soon as they return home from PASSWORD8. And he invited to come to pastoral school all those who began a home-church or took some other part in the church ministry. One week before PASSWORD2018, 30 young people from different cities and towns of our country came to study pastoral and missionary work. The call to take part in a pastoral school next year was made at the rally this year as well.

The pastoral school is more than just lectures on spiritual topics. I remember what the pastors and missionaries were teaching about.

Vyacheslav Safronov, pastor from Perm and the One Year for Jesus project coordinator was teaching about how God has a sovereign power over all. Including me. He tells me whatever He sees right. When you realize it, you make a choice to submit to God’s will and tell Him “yes”. At one of the meetings we were meditating about the core of God’s leadership.

Head Bishop Edward Grabovenko was teaching about the basics of successful pastoral ministry and was sharing about the principles of the ministry, that it is important to see the need and be an answer to it. It is necessary to be established in the call and have a clear vision with a strategy of the performance.

A great blessing for me was to meet pastor and missionary T.T. Qua, who taught a course “Listen to your Father”. He gave us answers to practical questions about the ministry: how, where, with whom and for whom we’re going to live. We’ve studied spiritual matters about what we need to change about us, what to do for improvement and who we can minister to. Thanks to the course I’ve learned that it is important not only to become a good leader, but to raise great leaders in a team.

From the ministry experience of pastor Alexander Tsvetkov we’ve learned how the churches were started. At his lecture we’ve learned about the four questions we need to know the answers to when we begin to minister. The first one is the source of my inspiration, the second is resources and their source, the third is the task that will become the key in the beginning and the fourth is establishing the core and the team.

It was important to learn about what the missionaries have to face. Missionary from Vorkuta Fedor Velichko encouraged to never contrast what God gives us and what people do.

Youth pastor Daniel Lo and his wife from Malaysia shared about their ministry experience in a Muslim country. They were living among those who they preached and became friends with – a good example of relationships and influence of those who we minister to.

We’ve had opportunities to talk to the speakers, ask them questions and share our experiences with all the speakers. I’m immensely thankful to God for each person who ministered to us, opened the door to pastoral, missionary and other kinds of ministries.

In my heart I hear the words: if it’s not for God, where would I be? Every time when God tells us to go and do something, we need to open our hearts and not to miss a chance to be at where He desires to see us. I want everything that I say and do to be as worthy as if I was doing it on the last day of my life.
Anastasia Melnikova

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