MOSCOW (RUSSIA) – On October 21, the Correspondence Theological Institute celebrated the graduation of a group of acoustically challenged students. Three graduates gained qualification in “Practical theology minister”, others were granted with letters of appreciation and memorable gifts.

During two years brothers and sisters from Russia and Kazakhstan patiently and diligently studied theological subjects. In spite of the challenges, biblical truths gained deep and protreptic meaning for them. The acquired knowledge and skills will equip them for ministry to acoustically challenged people.

Moscow Theological Institute

The Russian Church of Christians of Evangelical Faith


RUSSIA - Youth ministry news - Our youth ministry is srtiving to equip and multiply youth leaders and students to reach the younger generation with a life-changing relationship to Jesus Christ. We are using the strategy and training materials of the Reach Out Youth Solutions ministry. Here is our latest news.

MOSCOW (RUSSIA) - On June 12 of 2016 a solemn ceremony of awarding a doctoral degree to six PhD students took place at All-Russian conference of Russian church of Christians of Evangelical Faith. The doctor’s degree was conferred to: Sergei Yastrzhembski, President of Moscow Theological Institute, Aelita Zhidyaeva, Academic Vice-President for Moscow Theological Institute, Igor Ivanenko, Vitaly Nakul and Sergei Zhidyaev – Professors of Moscow Theological Institute and Pastor Alexander Nikolaev.

MOSCOW (RUSSIA) - On May 19, Moscow Theological Institute congratulated its graduates. Seven students defended their theses and got the degree of Bachelor of practical theology. Three of them received diplomas with honors.

DZERZHINSKY (RUSSIA) – On June 2, 2014 a graduation ceremony took place in the ‘New Testament’ church of Dzerzhinsky. 11 students solemnly received certificates of completion of the RCCEF Missionary Training Center course.

Essoyla is a town in the north-western part of Russia, in Republic of Karelia. Recently a local church in Essoyla hosted a Million Leaders Mandate training organized by the New Life Church from Petrozavodsk.

On October 28, in the town of Dmitrov (Moscow region) Grace Academy celebrated the beginning of the new school year and a new school building dedication. On behalf of the Russian Church of Christians of Evangelical Faith, Ivan Borichevskiy, the head of the administration, greeted students and professors.

On May 21st, a graduation ceremony took place in Moscow. 14 students graduated from the Missionary Training Center. They received certificates on finishing the theoretical course. Five months have flown by and three months of practical work are ahead of the graduates. During these three months they will be helping to start new churches, new rehabilitation centers, working with existing churches in Moscow and Moscow region.

On March 18-22, 2013 the first session of a training program for managers and employees of rehabilitation centers was held. The session took place at the recreation center of the “Grace” church in Kaluga. The training session was organized by request from the “Grace” church ministers to improve skills of managers and employees of rehabilitation centers.

Missionary School began its work at the Risen Christ the Savior Church in Kansk, Siberia. (Kansk is a city located about 160 km (100 miles) east from Krasnoyarsk. Its population is over 100,000 people. The church there is known for its evangelistic and social work. 22 daughter churches were planted throughout the region during the 18 years of its existence.

At the end of January West Siberian regional association headed by Bishop Andrey Horoschenko, held a missionary training for ministers of rehabilitation programs. It was orginized by the regional rehabilitation ministry leader Andrey Filatov. Such trainings are organized regularly for rehabilitaion programs minsiters who are willing to train other leaders and start new centers.

On Sunday, January 20th, Blessing Church in Angarsk, Irkutsk region, Siberia, greeted 41 graduates of Angarsk branch of the Moscow Theological Institute at the Graduation Ceremony.

On May 15 and 16 students’ music group from Oral Roberts University (Tulsa, OK, USA) held a concert in Moscow suburb cities of Dubna and Dzerzhinskiy.

On March 5-9, Russian Church of Christians of Evangelical Faith in cooperation with International ministries: "Global Teen Challenge", "Isaac" and "TearFond" held a spring session of the Leadership Training Institute for ministers that work in the area of rehabilitation.

On January 30, Omsk regional association of the Russian Church of Christians of Evangelical Faith started a project "Missionary School. 2012". Opening service was held in the Siberian Theological Institute. 20 people from Omsk region and the Urals Mountains region came to spend four months studying the Word of God and evangelism.