News & Events

The fast started on January 13 and will conclude on February 2. Head Bishop Edward Grabovenko encouraged Christians to start the year 2020 with fast and prayer to worship the Lord, to see His glory in personal lives, homes, churches, cities, and in the nation.

ST. PETERBURG – On December 13, the head of the department for relations with religious associations of the St. Petersburg Governor’s Administration Vladimir Ivanov had an official meeting with the heads of traditional Protestant denominations of the city and region.

VORKUTA – From November 22 to 24, the Source of Life Church in Vorkuta hosted the conference “Mature church — mature ministry”. At the conference parishioners and guests of the church celebrated the birthday of the Vorkuta Source of Life Church.

IZHEVSK – On November 15 and 16, Philadelphia Church of Izhevsk hosted the 3rd Theological Conference “Spiritual Practices and the Bible”. The conference was organized by the Education Department of the Russian Church of Christians of Evangelical Faith on the initiative of the head of the department, Pavel Zhelnovakov.

ULAN-UDE – On November 10, in the concert hall “Phoenix” of Ulan-Ude the celebration of the 200th anniversary of the Evangelical movement in Buryatia was held.

MOSCOW – On October 30, the VI plenary session of Christian Interdenominational Advisory Committee (CIAC) took place in Moscow President Hotel. The key topic of the meeting was “The imperishable power of the Gospel and its’ meaning for the contemporary society”.

VOLGOGRAD – On September 30 to October 3, a seminar of Kairos missionary training course took place at Volgograd Grace of Jesus Christ church. 

PERM – On September 6 through 8, the New Testament Church of Perm welcomed evangelical Christians from all over Russia at the Russian Church of Christians of Evangelical Faith Conference. The key verse of the conference was Psalm 78:6 “That the generation to come might know”.

PERM – On September 6–8, annual National Conference took place at the New Testament Church in Perm.

PERM – On July 7, a Tchibis camp site at the suburbs of Perm looked like a concert venue. 2,500 people postponed their affairs for the weekend to gather together for a picnic. This year they had an great reason for it: Pastor Edward Grabovenko’s, the Head bishop of the Russian church of Christians of Evangelical Faith, birthday.

ROSTOV-ON-DON – Christ the Savior Church of Rostov-on-Don began to broadcast Sunday church services online for acoustically challenged and surdomute people.

ROSTOV-ON-DON – On June, 8 an interdenominational seminar “The origins of the Russian evangelism” took place in Rostov-on-Don. Alexei Rudenko, PhD in philosophical sciences, Master of history and religion, Bachelor of theology, pastor of  Christ the Savior church was holding it. The event took place at the Shield of Faith church**.