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ZELENODOLSK (RUSSIA) – On April 14 and 15, a regional conference of Ulyanovsk Association of the Russian Church of Christians of Evangelical Faith took place in Zelenodolsk, in Tatarstan. The facilitator of the conference was the New Testament Church of Zelenodolsk. Brothers and sisters came from Kanash, Cheboksary, Ulyanovsk, Krasnokamsk, Kazan and Kozlovka. 

The key message of the conference was focused on the churches’ growth and evangelism work. The participants prayed for the unity and filling of the Holy Spirit. 

Alexei Rudenki, deputy head bishop of the Russian Church of Christians of Evangelical Faith, Sergei Yastrzhembski, president of the Moscow Theological Institute, and Vladimir Neprozvanov, senior presbyter of Ulyanovsk Regional Association were the speakers at the conference.

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MOSCOW (RUSSIA) – On April 13 and 14, the head of the family ministry of the Russian Church of Evangelical Christians, the senior pastor of the Church of Christ the Savior, bishop Vladimir Khvalov, and his wife Olga conducted a marriage conference. The event took place in the Sofrino Park Hotel near Moscow. About 30 married couples from different churches of the Moscow region took part in the conference.

"This was the first conference for ministers' families," - said Bishop Vladimir Khvalov. - We had six sessions, each of them began with intercessionary prayers for families of Moscow and Moscow region. Many spouses have testified that they have received healing and renewal of the relationship."

After the conference, Vladimir Khvalov preached in two Moscow churches on "The Work of the Holy Spirit in the family and the church."

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OMSK (RUSSIA) – Crossing the threshold of the house of God, you smile and greet brothers and sister, gladly responding with "Indeed risen!" Today is a special day, one of the most important Christian holidays - Easter!  
"Christ is risen!" - the words are a foundation of the Christian faith: Jesus was crucified for the sins of the mankind, He died and has risen on the third day. He defeated death and has become a redemptive Lamb, who reconciled God and man. The sacrifice of Jesus Christ is an evidence of God's boundless love, and His resurrection is the hope for every human being.

"Christ is risen!" - the church exclaims unceasingly, rejoicing that the Savior is alive, and He is to come! The worship team together with the teenage band praises God, singing the hymns of praise.

Then the children come out to the platform. They wear theatrical costumes and carry stage props. It is evident they've prepared a performance. God has given them gifts and talents, and even at this young age they are able to praise God. In the performance the children get across an important message: people are mortal, and only with Jesus they have eternal life.

After the performance the children recite touching poems, the teenage group performs a beautiful dance. The air is filled with love to God and worshiping Jesus.

Finally it is time for the Word of God. Bishop of Omsk eparchy, senior pastor of "Harvest" church Sergei Gorbenko, preaches about the "True meaning of Easter". Sergei Vladimirovich reminded the first Easter, described in the book of Exodus. "Now we don't need to strike the lintels with blood, - emphasized the pastor, - because we're anointed spiritually with the blood of Jesus Christ!"

The same way sin and death came to the world through Adam, through Jesus came redemption, forgiveness and resurrection. The Golden verse of the Bible - John 3:16 - is expressing the core of God's love very accurately.
Our Easter is Christ the risen. And no religious traditions, no attributes of so called "Easter" will replace the true meaning of it - the resurrection of Jesus Christ, Son of God and God Himself, who redeemed the mankind of sin with His sacrifice.

The Easter is not limited by one day in a year. Jesus has risen forever, and every day we need to remember what price is paid for our freedom in Christ. So let us follow Christ, seek His face and praise Him for His sacrifice, salvation, hope, supernatural care and boundless love!

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ROSTOV-ON-DON (RUSSIA) – On March 25, "Christ the Savior" Church of Rostov-on-Don celebrated the 25th anniversary. 1,100 people gathered at the church for the celebratory service. Edward Grabovenko, head bishop of the Russian Church of Christians of Evangelical Faith and Pavel Kolesnichenko, bishop and senior presbyter of Rostov association of the Russian Church of Christians of Evangelical Faith were the special guests of the celebration.

Together with bishop Vladimir Khvalov, senior pastor of "Christ the Savior" Church, they've ordained four ministers for pastorship and four – for deaconship.Bishop Edward Grabovenko preached about the continuity of generations in the ministry to God as exemplified by biblical prophets Elijah and Elisha. Congratulating the church with the anniversary, he mentioned the high significance of the ministry of Vladimir Khvalov, head of the family ministry department of the Russian Church of Christians of Evangelical Faith, nationwide.

"I'm honored to minister on one team with people who, in many respects, are wiser and more experienced than me", – said the head bishop.

Bishop Pavel Okara, founder of the "Christ the Savior" Church, sent a video with words of congratulations and blessings.

Pastors and ministers of churches of Rostov-on-Don and the area came to congratulate the church. Many of them have friendly contacts formed in the process of work of a non-profit "Association of Christian churches and Spiritual education organizations" – an organization, which has been headed by Vladimir Khvalov for more than 20 years.

Good wishes, flowers, gifts, decorations of the church building, much music, dances and songs - all that created a warm atmosphere of a family celebration. Each guest was given a specially issued magazine about the "Christ the Savior" Church history. Those who weren't able to come to the celebration watched the online live broadcast on YouTube church channel at

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ROSTOV-ON-DON (RUSSIA) – On February 22 and 23, a large forum of Christian churches of the southern region called "The Voice of the Church" was held in the Christ the Savior Church of Rostov-on-Don, organized with the support of the Russian Church of Evangelical Christians. Its participants were believers from the churches of Rostov, Rostov region, Krasnodar, Stavropol, Moscow, Saratov and other cities.

At the opening of the forum, participants were shown a video clip in which pastors of Rostov churches discussed the mission of the Church and called on believers to evangelize. With a welcoming speech on behalf of the clergy of Rostov and the region, the president of the NGO "Association of Christian Churches and Organizations for Spiritual Education", Pastor Leonid Filippov addressed participants.

An international evangelist, the head of the mission "The Life of Wonders" (Belarus), Yevgeny Gurinovich explained the principles of church growth, sharing his experience of serving in more than 40 countries around the world.

An international missionary teacher, director of Youth with a Mission for Eastern Europe, Andrei Derkach, spoke about how believers can serve Rostovites and visitors to the city during the World Cup.

The international missionary teacher, the head of the mission "The Life of Miracles" (Russia) Andrey Alekseev inspired the participants of the forum to carry the Gospel to other peoples.

The representative of the evangelization project "yesHEis" in Russia, pastor Eugene Dubrovsky described how to use Internet technologies for preaching the gospel.
Also at the forum there were seminars, master classes on evangelism, presentations of various ministries and a talk show "Honest Conversation", where the pastors answered questions from participants.

"We held this forum so that evangelists, missionaries, both established and beginning ministers from different regions of our country could communicate, get acquainted, share experiences, get the necessary knowledge, inspire each other. Also, together we openly sought answers to actual questions concerning the growth of churches. And one more important goal, which was before us, as before the organizers, is to unite in prayer the people who are burning with the idea of spreading the Gospel "to the ends of the earth". I believe that we managed to achieve our goals”, — said Nikolai Tolpinsky, an evangelist and minister of the Church of Christ the Savior, the ideological inspirer of the forum"The Voice of the Church ".

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OMSK (RUSSIA) – Congress of “Harvest” and “Bread of Life” churches took place in Omsk on January, 28. Every year brothers and sisters gather together to worship, praise and pray and receive revelation in the Word for the upcoming year.

Bishop of Omsk regional association, senior pastor of “Harvest” Church Sergei Gorbenko and his wife Yelena opened the Congress and blessed the participants.

In joint spirit brothers and sisters worshiped God and thanked Him for His love, mercy and blessings.

Roman Shkodunov, senior pastor of “Bread of Life” Church, shared from the Word. He reminded that God established His church on love, and all people present are here to be able to say in unity: “God, I love you!”
The “proСВЕТ” youth ministry presented a skit where they shared about their strivings, ways and expectations. Most importantly, they plainly proclaimed: “We are the generation of people who have found themselves in God”.

Andrei Mazurin, senior pastor of “The Kingdom of God” church of Barnaul, was reflecting on chapter six of the Gospel of John. He mentioned that Jesus takes care of His people, keeps everything under His control and has the best plan for each one of us. Our obedience, humility and faith mean a lot to God.

The blessed brothers from the social ministry of Sosnovka settlement shared a testimony of God’s mercy. They recited a poem “We are Christians, God’s people” and sang a “God Almighty found me” psalm.

The year of 2017 was announced a year of discipleship, leadership and mission. This vision encouraged starting new ministries. The missionary work has especially developed. During the last year Omsk missionary training center graduated two admissions of evangelists. Pavel Pigurski, the head of the restoration ministry, congratulated the graduates.

Another significant event of the congress was the ordination of brothers and sisters of “Harvest” and “The Bread of Life” churches. May God strengthen each one of them and give them wisdom and the Holy Spirit guidance in the ministry!

One of the most important parts of the Congress was receiving the Word for the upcoming year. Sergei Gorbenko mentioned that we continue to follow the vision of discipleship, leadership and mission. “I believe that the year of 2018 will be a year of breakthrough in missions, evangelism and serving people! To communicate the Word of God, to share the Gospel and implant the right moral principles – that is our task”, – concluded the senior pastor.

The Congress was concluded with the Lord’s Supper, worshiping and thanking God in unity.

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ADLER (RUSSIA) – Another interdenominational fasting for Russia organized by the “Unity” movement took place in Adler on January 4th through 6th. 300 ministers and members of churches affiliating the largest Pentecostal Associations: The Russian church of Christians of Evangelical Faith and The Russian Associated Union of Christians of Evangelical Faith (Pentecostals), and also representatives of other protestant associations gathered for prayer and fast and fellowship.

Participants from fifty churches from 34 cities and towns of the southern part of Russia took part in the event. During three days Christians were fasting, praying for Russia, listening to the sermons and fellowshipping. One of the largest groups was from the city of Rostov-On-Don and the area. Representatives of Rostov’s Christ the Savior Church were active participants of the fasting, were preaching, ministering by their musical and dancing talents.

– For many years we’ve been supporting the “Unity” movement projects and personally interacting with the founder, Rafael Gurdzybaev, – says the head of the family ministry department of the Russian church of Christians of Evangelical faith, bishop, senior pastor of the Christ the Savior Church Vladimir Khvalov. – I’m happy that this year about 60 people from our church and other churches of Rostov and the area were able to take part in the fasting. Also about 50 people were fasting at the same time at our church in Rostov. This is a good beginning of the new year, and we believe that the Lord with answer our prayers in some special way.

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SAINT-PETERSBURG – On December 26, the concluding pastors’ meeting took place in North-Western Association of the Russian Church of Christians of Evangelical Faith. In celebration of Christmas 88 senior ministers together with their spouses gathered socially at the large hall of Saint Katherine’s Cathedral for the festive dinner. The program included the word of the senior presbyter, prayer, the Holy Communion and a festive program.
Ministers recollected the main events of the year and summed up. It’s the second time that at this meeting pastors determine winners in different nominations by authorless voting.
Pastors voted the Reformer of 2017 – a person, who has made a special contribution to the life of the Association, has started a new ministry, church or a project – the senior presbyter of the North-Western Association of the Russian Church of Christians of Evangelical Faith Alexander Tsvetkov. The Family of the year – family as an example of faith, love and devotion to the ministry – is Dmitry and Nadezhda Larkin and their nine children. The Father of 2017 – pastor as an example of care and fatherhood – is Petr Kravchuk. The nominees received memorable gifts and in their response word wished all those present a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.
That day has become a pleasant memory and gave pastors had a good time of fellowship and ready to continue to expand the Kingdom of God in Saint-Petersburg and Leningrad area.

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PERM (RUSSIA) – On December 23, protestant churches of Perm gathered together to celebrate the 500th anniversary of Reformation. Members of 11 evangelical communities took part in celebration.
Church ministers reminded of the basic concepts of protestant theology.

David Roerich, the provost of the Evangelical-Lutheran congregation in Perm, shared from Hebrews 11 about how often we mention faith, but do not think about it as we should. And it is faith that unites us and will lead us to God. It is impossible to please God without faith.

Vladimir Menschikov, minister of the Ural center of Christians of Evangelical Faith, spoke about the Bible – that it has all the answers in spite of the time we live in, and shared the word from Psalm 119:165.

Vladimir Kuchev, presbyter of Evangelical Christians Baptists shared about Christ, His personality and that the question who He is is still a key question.

Sergei Fartushny, preacher from the Seventh Day Adventists church of Perm spoke about how all the glory belongs to God and shared from Romans 11:36, Colossians 1:17 and 1 Cor. 10:31.

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SAINT-PETERSBURG (RUSSIA) – Last Saturday a long-expected event took place in Saint-Petersburg – the 6th Christmas Festival organized by the North-Western Association of the Russian Church of Christians of Evangelical Faith. According to a good tradition, the Festival gathered adults and children from all over the city and opened the series of Christmas and New Year celebrations in the Northern capital.

This year the program of the event was prepared for guests of all age groups: for children under 3 – a special play area with an assistant, games and a creative workshop was prepared. Kids of 3 to 8 years old watched a puppet-show “Brother Donkey or a road to Bethlehem”, took part in a bubble show and watched a “Three Angels of Christmas” performance. While the children were playing, their parents and young people over 13 years old visited a festive church service devoted to the Nativity of Christ, and listened to the Christmas carols sung by the massed choir of the “New Testament” Church (Saint-Petersburg), watched a wonderful Christmas performance about how the love of God changes the hearts and lives of people to the better, and a concert devoted to Christmas.

All the guests of the Festival heard the Christmas greetings, including the greetings of the senior presbyter of the North-Western Association of the Russian Church of Christian of Evangelical Faith Alexander Tsvetkov, and received gifts.

The 6th Christmas Festival gathered more than 800 children and their parents, guests from Saint-Petersburg and other cities of Leningrad area – Krasnoe Selo, Rappolovo, Sosnovy Bor, Priozersk, Sertolovo, Garbolovo, Kolpino, Pushkin, Petergof, Kommunar, Nikolskoe, Volkhov, Zelenogorsk, Sestroretsk, Gatchina. The day is well-remembered for a nice, kind, festive atmosphere of Christmas, and we believe that God will perform many miracles in the lives and hearts of people of our region. Merry Christmas!

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VORKUTA (RUSSIA) – Vorkuta Source of Life Church, pastored by Anatoly and Valentina Potapovs, celebrated the 16th anniversary on October 21 and 22, with a “From youth to maturity” conference. Words of congratulations were addressed to pastors and the community of the church, songs of praise and words of prayer were raised to God. Youth groups performed skits, sang songs and danced. Source of Life churches pastors from Syktyvkar, Sosnogorsk, Usinsk, Emva, Pechora and ministers from Vorkuta Church of God congratulated pastors Anatoly and Valentina and the church.

On Saturday, bishop of Komi-Perm Association of the Russian Church of Christians of Evangelical Faith, pastor of New Testament church in Kudymkar Vyacheslav Gerasimov ministered at the first service. What purpose should a Christian pursue? “Our purposes should be set by God. And the main purpose is the prize of the upward call of God in Christ”. The Scripture for this was apostle Paul’s words from Philippians, “I press on toward the goal for the prize of the upward call of God in Christ Jesus”.

Pavel Kudrov, bishop of the Russian Church of Christians of Evangelical Faith, Senior Presbyter for Komi Republic and senior pastor of the Source of Life Church in Syktyvkar, preached about the signet ring of adoption and the signet ring of authority. The first one is given to every Christian, who accepted Jesus Christ as their personal Lord and Saviour. To receive the second one we should pay a price and take the responsibility.

Grant Burnadze, pastor of Pechora Source of Life Church, and Anatoly Potapov, pastor of Vorkuta Source of Life Church shared about maturity.

On Sunday, two celebration services took place. Pavel Kudrov and Vyacheslav Gerasimov shared about the importance of being faithful and thankful to God – thankful for the family, relationships between parents and kids, job, church, the pastor and the ministers, and for the good name. “What you value – works well!” – said Pavel Kudrov in his word.

On that day the church had a reception – tea with tasty cakes were served. Before the conference in Vorkuta bishops Pavel Kudrov and Vyacheslav Gerasimov ministered in Pechora and Syktyvkar. Minister from Kudymkar encouraged the Syktyvkar church to dwell in the helping hand ministry and not to grow weaker in it. The church of Pechora was addressed by a word about the Holy Spirit: how to build the relationships with the Holy Spirit, why we should rest upon the Holy Spirit and not the world.

On the same day, Pavel Kudrov taught Pechora church about the beneficence. The verse from the Scripture the preacher referred to was John 10:10 “I came that they may have life, and have {it} abundantly.”
The churches gladly welcomed the guests. We trust that the Lord will abundantly bless His children and one day people of Komi republic will glorify God in unity!

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OMSK (RUSSIA) – On the 15th of October, Harvest Church of Omsk celebrated Thanksgiving. The solemn atmosphere could be felt at the church porch – it was decorated with crowns and bright ribbons, the meeting hall was pictorially decorated, and fruit and vegetables were arranged at the altar, symbolizing bringing the offerings. Harvest is a sacred holiday that God commanded us to celebrate with special honor, thanksgiving and humbleness. Harvest is the time of meditation and summing up the walk with God, serving Him and people.

The service began with praise and worship to God. The Levites with a special anointing sang psalms and raised their voices to God. After the worship some touchy event took place – public announcement of a proposed marriage. A brother and a sister in Christ, ministering in the Levites’ team, received the pastor’s and the church’s blessing for family-raising.

Children participated in the service: they recited poems, sang a song and even performed a skit. Praise God for the rising generation of God’s servants!

The sermon of the senior pastor of Harvest Church Sergei Gorbenko made us think, what fruit each one of us creates for God’s Kingdom. Pastor Sergei reminded about the first love: “Remember how easy it was to forgive, how eager you were to come to the House of God to pray, how sincere you were praising God. Can you identify the same feelings and motives in your heart now? You are your own heart’s guard. And it is your decision to follow God, serve Him, love Him, dedicate your life to Him that your salvation depends on”. The pastor mentioned five basics of the harvest in his sermon. Harvest is the law of God’s care (Gen. 1:11–13); law of mighty and spiritual life (Gal. 6:7–9); law of financial ministry (2 Cor. 9:6, 7; Prov. 11:24, 25); law of grateful heart (Deut. 6:10, 12); the true harvest is hidden in people’s salvation (Jer. 8: 19-20; John 4:35, 36; Mt. 13:39; Rev. 14:15).

The law of sowing and reaping that God was talking about did not fade in importance in our days. Jesus is the Lord of the harvest, who is looking for the doers, followers, faithful ministers. He said, “Whatever a man sows, this he will also reap.” Let us sow the Word of God to the people’s hearts, sow an intensified prayer into our own lives and our brothers’ and sisters’ lives, sow our gratefulness to God for all His wonderful work! And we will certainly reap the good in our life, for our God is faithful, promising blessings to those who love Him to thousands!

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