One Year For Jesus

ULAN-UDE (BURYATIA, RUSSIA) – By God’s grace we continue to preach the Gospel to the people of Buryatia and they get saved. They are thirsty for God. An old Buryat woman of 87 years old repented after sister Marina told her about God in Buryat language. One day after that we returned and brought her a Bible in Buryat language. She took the sinner’s prayer and the Lord’s prayer – a brochure in Buryat language. Her granddaughter promised she would read it to her and memorize it.

ULAN-UDE (RUSSIA) - By God’s mercy our team continues to regularly bring the Gospel of hope to many people. During fall and winter we’ve been preaching in new residential locations and continued to preach at where we had started to share the Good News before: we visited towns of Kyakhta, Selendum, Novoseleginsk, Gusinoe Ozero, Gusinoozersk.

TOPKI (RUSSIA) - New Life Church in the town of Topki in Kemerovo area is very small: 20 people who faithfully fulfill the Great Commission of Jesus Christ. On Topkinski district map 38 inhabited location are marked with red flags – they are the locations visited by Christians from the New Life Church.

PERM (RUSSIA) - In June a joint team of children’s and youth workers from Perm and Lysva together with the One Year for Jesus team members held an outreach for children in one of the settlements in Perm region. 65 children and their parents participated in a camp that was called “The way to the dream” and lasted for 3 days. Children had a lot of fun: jumped on a trampoline, played interesting games and learned about Jesus Christ. For many of them it was the first time when they heard that there is the One Who loves them and cares for them.

KARELIA (RUSSIA) - Warm days came and  the One Year for Jesus summer evangelism campaign in Karelia has started. Pastors and ministers from several churches combined their forces to create a strong evangelism team and take the Word of God to people.

STEPNYAKI (RUSSIA) - In Stepnyaki settlement of Kansk district in Central Siberia our team met a family whose house was gutted by fire. After the fire the woman with two kids had to move to her mother’s house. At Sunday church service we shared about the need of this family, members of the church collected necessities and money.

SYKTYVKAR (RUSSIA) - As a result of our outreaches in Komi Republic we started a new home church in the town of Sobino. Just recently when our team came to this town, we saw a family, that we made acquaintences with on a previous trip to Sobino: Alexey,

ULAN-UDE (RUSSIA) - Team from Ulan-Ude continues to minister in cities and towns of Buryatia. In April, evangelists went to Selenginsky district, to Selenduma, Gusinoe Ozero, Novoselenginsk and Gusinoozersk towns. Usually we come to every house. we try to visit again and again people who are not open to the Gospel. On this trip there were 52 families that we visited for the second time, 21 people accepted Jesus as their Savior. We pray that home churches would be started in those villages.

NOVOKUZNETSK (RUSSIA) - Not far from the city of Novokuznetsk there are several teleut villages. Teleuts are one of small indigenous groups in Siberia, and they live here since ancient times. There’re only about 3 thousand of them in the whole world. As we found out, their culture is strongly connected to shamanism. During our first visit we came across very aggressive people. One drunk teleut hit one of our brothers. Others were trying to hit us with their car. But in the other teleut village we have a church. So next time we took some of our teleut brothers with us. They showed us the way and helped us out in the conflicts with drunk villagers.

ALTAI REGION (RUSSIA) - Kalmanka village in Altai region. Inspite of a snow storm we decided to go there, and never regreted – we experienced a great joy preaching the Gospel! As soon as we started to speak, God would fill us with His Word! Just according to the Gospel!

We visited nine homes, and then went to see the people we knew, and preached there. A woman named Tatiyana prayed the sinners’ prayer! Tatiyana told us that her husband Yuri was having some serious health issues, had to go through chemiotherapy. Now he is deeply depressed and doesn’t want to talk to anybody. Tatiyana asked if we would pray for Yuri’s salvation.

ULAN-UDE (RUSSIA) - God gave us a chance to minister in the villages in the north of Buryatia in the beginning of March. Our team of 11 people went for an outreach to Uakite, Busane, Goryachie Klyuchi, Bagdarine, Rososhino, Mangoi, Severnyi. In some of those villages the local people are Evenks by nationality. Our team got into two groups: one of them ministered in the villages close to Bagdarine, and the other went further north all the way to Uakite. One hundred kilometers of the way was across the frozen lakes, rivers and swamps. It was dangerous, but we were safe with God, as it is only possible to drive to those places at winter time, in summers you can get there only by planes.

SYKTYVKAR (RUSSIA) - On March 12, One Year for Jesus team from the Source of Life Church in Syktyvkar went to the town of Sobino in Korterosski district of Komi Republic. The team members shared the Good News, handed out the “Christian Syktyvkar” newspaper, Gospel of John, prayed for healing and handed out flyers with information about rehabilitation program. 5 people prayed to invite Jesus into their lives. Team members took their phone numbers and addresses and made arrangements for the next meeting. In the nearest future the team plans to come back to Sobino to bring humanitarian aid.