ORSK – On May 25, a celebration of Sunday school graduation took place at Good News Church of Orsk, Orenburg area.

OMSK – On March 9, children’s Christian Festival “Rainbow of talents” took place at Omsk Harvest Church. Children from different churches of Omsk regional Association gathered to praise the Lord with their gifts and talents. 

PERM (RUSSIA) - Round 3 of Children’s Bible quiz, which all participants looked forward to, was held at the New Testament Church of Perm on June, 4. This time children from churches of Kachkanar, Solikamsk, Tchernushka and Perm took part in the quiz. Children showed profound knowledge of the Bible, answered the most complicated questions (questions for 30 points awaited them this time!), displayed smarts and erudition.
We should note that children eagerly prepared for the round. To quote a verse from the Bible and name the chapter and number of the verse can be challenging even for an adult!

NOVOSIBIRSK (RUSSIA) - Children’s ministry of the Covenant Church of Novosibirsk organizes various events and one of them took place recently: children’s winter camp during winter school break. Children and Sunday School teachers went out of town and spent several days in the recreation center.

OMSK (RUSSIA) - On June 24 to 27, Zhatva Church of Omsk with the help of football coaches from Sweden held a Christian football camp for children and teenagers. If last year 65 children attended the camp, this year 100 boys and girls wanted to participate at this exciting event. Of these kids, 20 have never heard the Good News.

KALUGA REGION (RUSSIA) - ‘Your Choice’ Teenagers's Rally was held in Kaluga region last month. It was attended by teenagers from churches of different cities in Kaluga region: Sukhinichi, Babynino, Meshchovsk, Serpeysk, Kaluga, Vorotynsk. 
God gave people freedom to choose good and bad – which way to go?

MIASS (RUSSIA) - Recently, youth from the Holy Trinity Church of Miass in Chelyabinsk region ministered to children in one of the recovery centers. Children stay there after they have undergone medical treatment in a hospital. Usually they stay there for three-four weeks untill full recovery. Children were so open and friendly that greeted us very warmly, and some of them offered us hand made crafts.

LUGA (LENINGRAD REGION, RUSSIA) – July 14-19, 2014 – A summer camp for children and their parents organized by churches of the Northwest Association of the RCCEF became a place for many different activities – swimming, sports, competitions, concerts, Bible studies, Christian counseling and worship.

MOSCOW (RUSSIA) – July, 2014 – The ‘New Testament’ church prepared a special program for homeless children and children with disabilities. The program was presented in five orphanages in Moscow and Moscow region.

OMSK (RUSSIA) - June 24-28, 2014 - The Harvest Сhurch of Omsk hosted an amazing event – children’s football camp. Children and teenagers of the city got a chance to be trained by trainers from Sweden. Every day they learned something new about their favorite game. A final championship was in store for every team. The motto of the camp was ‘Sport and Faith’. And it meant that young players were trained not only physically but also spiritually.

KALININGRAD (RUSSIA) - On June 1, which is widely celebrated in Russia as the Day of Children, Emmanuel Church of Kaliningrad held a festive event for children. Kids from the neighborhood were invited to participate in funny games and contests. They played with a hero of SuperBook, sang songs that the church youth taught them and received gifts.

NADYM (RUSSIA) – On May 7-11 workshops for children’s ministers from local churches took place in Nadym. Valentina Fedorova, Head of the Children’s Ministry Department, was invited by the ‘Good News’ church to be the key speaker.  The goals for the workshops were to share experience with younger generation, and to teach church leaders to work more effectively with children.

KANSK (RUSSIA) – The Kansk church of "The Risen Christ the Savior" has a social ministry department which works with disabled children and their parents.

The town of Essoyla is located on the Syamozero Lake in 70 km from the capital city of the Karelia Republic in the North-West side of Russia. About 3,000 people live here. There is only one public school and one vocational school in this town. Some children attend New Life Church of Christians of Evangelical Faith.

The opening of the 20th CIS children's ministers conference entitled "are built up a spiritual house..." took place on September 19. For the next three days the conference organizers will have pursued the following goals and objectives:

It is not a secret that all schoolchildren are waiting for summer break. Every child expects a lot of fun and adventures. Children are always happy if they are part of any type of activities with competitions. games, contests. That's why the Risen Christ the Savior Church of Kansk arranged summer outdoor activities for children with disabilities.

Leader of the children’s ministry – Valentina Fyodorova

Our purpose is a personal encounter of each child with God. We show children the way of Truth, so that by knowing Jesus and serving Him they would be a part of God’s church.