Vika’s healing


KANSK (RUSSIA) - After the crusade in Dorozhny village we decided to have a tea party to get to know each other better. Several people stayed. 14-year old Vika was one of them. Our sisters noted her strange behavior: while we prayed for a woman, Vika was restless. As we later found out, she was frightened.

But most probably she was under some demonic influence. The matter was that a week before the crusade she witnessed an adultery scene right at home: her sister’s husband was unfaithful to his wife. A whole week after that she couldn’t eat, only had some water. During the prayer for her healing and delivery God’s presence was so strong we can’t express it with words. It is enough to say that Maria, a non-believing woman, the convention center’s director and a people’s deputy for the district, asked us in surprise: “I’ve seen a lot of concerts and events here, but this time… what was it?!” Our answer was simple: “You’ve just seen God!”

After the prayer Vika felt much better. She began to go with us to a home church to neighboring village of Amonash. We met her mother Elena. Vika invited her friend Zina to the church. On Sunday they were in Kansk for a church service. In June Vika wants to go to the teenage camp… I’m writing all this with tears in my eyes: how great is our God!

Victor Lozhenko
Team of the Risen Christ the Savior Church, Kansk, Krasnoyarsk region